05 February 2009

Fashion: Scott's To Have It All!

Past Collection's: Scott Ramsay kyle

Firstly do excuse the very cheesy and lame title, I simply could not resist it: though it is in all honesty a terrible, terrible pun and amusing all for a split second but hey I never once claimed to be a comedian! So who else has been sucking up all the glorious (and not so glorious) spring summer feature pull outs? I sure have, though from a far literally...browsing through magazine shelf's in my local quick stop shop they all pretty much have the same contents, and I've not been able to buy a magazine in a while now (yep I'm taking desperate measures to save up for the summer!). So it was to my delight when somebody and indeed by a stroke of luck left behind their glossy fashion magazine on a train table (as much as I enjoy reading the old metro paper, it made a nice change and felt like discovering a £5 note on the floor). Sure enough I open up the thick and heavy magazine and notice this all too familiar and repetitive pattern of bygone spring summer trends, while at the same time there seems to not really be a strong and established trend running through the threads of fashion. Could it be at long last fashion is (almost) opening its mind up to the possibilities and ditching the tunnel vision of which so very often it proves to have? I never understand this concept of 'trends' and 'must have' hell life's too short mix it up and get wild already, jeez! Why oh why is it certain fashion publications churn out and place emphasis on the same old fashion designers season after season, what about all those wonderful fashion designers in between the chanel's and McQueen's of the fashion world? Not once did I manage to effortlessly seek out Scott Ramsay Kyle's s/s '09 collection, did you? It was one huge almighty mission, and there for I've took advantage of the 'copy & paste' and created a 'shrine' to all that is central st martins ex- student, Scott Ramsay kyle and completed with his latest s/s '09 collection. All Photos from:Scottramsaykyle.com
Obviously, I do appreciate it's not to every ones taste, and after all we are colourful individuals (after all we don't all enjoy the same genres of music do we? Fashion is also so similar in this sense).Then again if one doesn't like what they see surely you can chose to flick (or click) straight past it and continue to absorb the 'big guns who dominate fashion week after fashion week: Sure I'm aware of the more obscure and daring independent magazines which are widely available who cater to and for the bonkers, and quirky ... just why on earth can't popular and super glossy, fashion mag's put into practice a more broad and diverse fashion pallet combo? Especially when as I highlighted just now: there is not one particular fashion trend to embrace this year, and refreshingly so too! Go on fashion be unique push boundaries. I dare you.
PS...My next post shall not be a rant; I just felt compelled to air this strong and personal opinion of mine.

visit: www.scottramsaykyle.com


DaisyChain said...

Aw, do make the next post a rant, they amuse me greatly (not in an I'm laughing at you way, they just make me smile to myself)

prettyneons said...

Hello's, oh alright then if you insist, I'm far, far too full of opinions about fashion, its borderline ridiculous, haha!;)
*Peace* you know whos X

Andrea said...

Those are all so beautiful!