26 February 2009

My Sugar High

My sweet tooth kicked in to action after coming across the spring summer Pollini collection for what is the fourth time, for it is the instant effect it still very much has on moi (I've currently had a Pollini frock as my wall paper, for many months now too).
As Pollini reveal their autumn winter warmers of a collection, I'm afraid I'm still obsessed and stuck on their past collection, more than ever, in fact. Jonathan Saunders and his trusty side kick Nicholas Kirkwood (his the dude, who designs all those just as scrummy colour blocked suede, patent heels!) sure did a impressive job with their summer collection: besides all those delightful dots, soft stripes and swirls, are still a dizzy collage in my wardrobe of an memory.
I still get excited when I scan through my brain and zoom in, on the fine details of the Pollini s/s '09 collection:the fine, feminine,floaty shapes and marvelous multi layered skirts in edible fun fair colours, zooming out...sorry but I must take a moment to sit back and reminisce, all that is (or was) Pollini spring summer 09.

Photos: Pollini spring summer '09

Well that sweet trip down Pollini memory lane, has had no positive cure what so ever to my candy cravings, I almost never want to witness the various winter trends that are sure enough about to bleed through numerous fashion sources, some time shortly...I almost feel obliged to intervene and prolong this sugary surge, fashion is (at present) experiencing. So upping the sugar stakes is exactly what I intend to do, right this second.

Clutch clasp bag, £40, wedge sandals £25 both from Faith...sweet as, I say!

Cropped trousers £345, cardigan £495 both from Stella McCartney available from Oli
the boyfriend, bright blue cardigan, particularly surprised me.

Chunky, yummy bold pink knitted bangle £65 from Yarborough available from Oli
this shocking pink bangle is more then capable of- a- rocketing-ones sugar levels, a- sky- high.

These are my favourite! Dainty little floral socks £5.95 from mytights

Soft pastel skirt £38, from urban outfitters

Brush stroke paint splash, print dress £110 from minimum available from Pixiemarket (you didn't assume this post was going to be frock free, did you?haha)

Oops have I accidentally dropped in another frock? Bandeau dress £70 from Oli.
I so want to dress up in this dress (above) and team it up with those adorable, floral socks whilst also rocking the fierce, fire orange patent wedges:now this is a perfect spoonful of sugar.