13 February 2009

Lashings Of Fashion Lurrrrve'in

Um...I wonder how many fellow fashion blogger's are dedicating their posts to some Valentine romance, I bet the blogsphere is over whelmed with lurrrrve and indeed has butterflies. Now I'm single (I have career ambitions to fulfill first. Selfish? nah!) and there for have no time or any need to spoil a guy and dedicate my sloppy affections towards him in the form of cards or gifts etc, etc. But heck, fashion on the other hand deserves all my attention, after all its always there for me in all its,elegant,crazy,romantic, distressed, acid bright, floral,knitted, colour block, ruffles, fringing, embellishment, structured, futuristic, urban, Gothic,printed, sporty, vintage, punk,Victorian,inovative glory! Fashion never, ever fails to cheer me up, whether it be a clutch bag, necklace, ballet flat's or an neon sequin frock: there is no need to fear any awkward 'first date' conversation. As me and fashion always seem to have a connection and very much 'bounce' off one another: So here is my little Valentine gesture to you: fashion I adore you no matter what, here I demonstrate why my love affair with fashion design shall continue beyond eternity.

Giles, Giles how I admire the obvious tribute to eighties Pac-Man, MMMWA X

Pollini, where do I start for my reasons to as why I'm besotted with you? It could just be the silhouettes all so ultra modern, sharp graphics and flirty, lovely light silks? Me suspects so! MMMWA X

Koi Suwannagate you turn heads with your artistic and day dream like, delicious sweet silk,pastel feather prints stamped across flowing free dresses with such care and pretty perfection to hand crafted detail...only such a spring/ summer collection can inspire me to practice a spot of gardening, and for this reason alone I give you a big, heart felt: MMMMWA X

Andrew Gn Atelier only two descriptive words necessary:effortless and classic, no other fashion designer can rock the 'old embellishment and bash the beads (so to speak) the way you do! MMMMWA X

Anna Sui, your pure good rock & roll, false dot...you invented fashion fun. The bright and bold red tie dyed, body hugging wrap style dress is: fierce. Will any of your future collections ever fail to set the catwalk on fire!? MMMMWA X

PPQ, despite your recent design collaboration with an ex-rock/pop star off spring, you know deep down I'm desperate to have a PPQ puff ball number, hanging up in my wardrobe. Besides you did borrow one of my favourite models, miss Daisy (who actually has some shape and curves:refreshing) for your fashion parade, so I give you a tick and a.... MMMMWA X

Oh Versace you and me go way back, to the age of about 9 years old (perhaps even younger?) I believe, when you came to my attention in what I remember to be my big sister's thick, glossy fashion magazine.For the first time I recall being absolutely amazed by the volume and colour pallet which runs through your garments...Attempting in vain to re-create such art with my daft fashion wheel and fuzzy felt set (*oh the embarrassment). It is YOU 'V' I blame for my fixation and tough trial and error's I experience (daily) getting my studded booted foot, through the tight locked fashion doors...How can I not HeArt you? For such inspiration...MMMMMMMWA XX

My lashings of fashion loving is not yet completed, as of course I must also pay tribute to the off beat and damn, out right quirky accessory and fashion fragrance that now and then crops up and is simply too fantastic to just ignore. Hence the most recent Gwen fragrance...come on I mean just look at the bottle? How could I not, huh? The definition of 'Adorable' isn't it? MMMMWA X

As for you Monsoon you've took me by complete surprise with this glittering, red heart shaped gem of a clutch gold chain bag:Expensive, movie star sophistication at a purse friendly price. You guessed it...MMMMWA X
Lots & Lots Of Love & Warm Fashion Hugs, Peace & Bows....PrettyneOns XX

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Demi said...

thank you very much honey :)
haha, I love this post!!
I loveeeee anna sui, especially the spring/summer 09 collection. I also love how the anna sui models smile on the runway? no-one else does!
ppq and versace are amazing too!

have a great weekend, lovely!


ana said...

heyy thanks for all the comments :)
hope your going great :)

lots of sunshine

electric feel said...

Wow all those beautiful dresses in great colours,my fav---> versace

FashionVictim // said...

omg..that heart-bag is sooo cute !!

prettyneons said...

Oh well thank you girly's for your sweet and very nice comments, hope your all having a brill weekend =)
Peace and Bows...

DaisyChain said...

This post makes me happy. I love being single on Valentines day...more money to spend on myself!

Winnie said...

Giles Deacon and his fantastic pac man inspired collection....definitely not a collection to be forgotten in a hurry. I would love to get hold of one of those helmets and just have it in my room haha.

Krystal said...

oh yaaa, in love!