22 February 2009

Special Fashion Invitation For All!

Oohh our fabtastic fashion invite: Cocosa

The other day I actually checked my inbox (to be honest I'm pretty bad at keeping up to date with all my various inbox's. Hence why I've edited my inbox down to just the two:so much easier). Now I was expecting the usual and common spam to pop up swiftly followed by perhaps my subscriptions to various fashion magazines (also a area I must attempt to edit).

So I was more then taking by surprise when I received a invite from Cocosa, the best part is being not only my invite but our exclusive invite too! Yep all of you people who stumble across my little fashion 'bloggy from time to time, can have complete **exclusive and snazzy access to Cocosa by typing in this 'invitation code':NEONS. Just in case you may be wondering 'who, what the heck is Cocosa and this sounds too good to be true. Where is the catch?' Cocosa is this absolutely free members only online fashion place full of fashion goodies. You get a actual sale preview (so frigging genius huh!?) no you didn't just miss read the latter: sales before they've began else where! If you (like myself) are a bit forgetful and a busy bee the good guys and 'gals over at Cocosa can send you a 'sale reminder' email, if you request one firstly. Cocosa have very limited stock so best get them reminders, hell I am!

Photos: Jane Carr

Now I'm already well aware of what I intend to purchase (above) and even more sad. Where I'm going to show it off too. Firstly I'm grabbing a Jane Carr scarf, looks familiar to you? Well many of these colourful, patterned scarfs have often been used for many a spring/ summer catwalk and photo shot...Oh and of course you may of seen Amy Winehouse wear a Jane carr scarf wrapped around her barnett on and off (mainly on though). I've for so very long now, wanted to obtain one of these scarf's. However they've been too pricey for my lack of pretty pennies, so I thank Cocosa for this brilliant, brilliant sale on selected Jane Carr scarfs....

I'm not a hundred percent sure how to wear mine of yet? Just maybe as... well a scarf?I know, I know not highly creative nor highly original. I may even work it in with my long, slouch, sleeveless OTT colourful and embellished tee I customized about a year or so back. I sure am positive on one thing: I'm going to rock my Jane Carr scarf at a future MGMT gig ( I'm not even joking here, when I say my friends often kid around how the front man of MGMT 'copied' my 'rainbow' style...Unbeknown to my crazy as can be friends, this would be impossible we've never met one another.There for me thinks our similar style is merely a coincidence. Beside if my friends say I'm similar looking to him. Is this a complement or indeed a insult? Ponder, ponder...I mean isn't he a guy?Oh whatever:not important really).

Warning: the Cocosa invite could indeed be hazardous, if your a shopaholic. As the sales are ridiculously insanely, generous (trust me. My purse often has a hole in it).

**CliCk HeRE: your ' invitation code' to become a free member at Cocosa is: NEONS.
Happy Sunday my fashion frenzied friends x
PS...Much, much lurrrve from me to you for all your encouraging and kindest daily comments ;) mmwa!

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DaisyChain said...

I love cocoasa (which I may or may not have spelt right).
I never know how to wear those damn scarves, I'm thinking Queen style a la D&G,
Maybe not...though I'd fit in with the population of this here town.