02 March 2009

I Want To Be A Eighties Brat!

The eighties brat pack: my fashion icons.
The eighties, it conjures up an awful lot of unpleasant preconceptions and indeed bright, shoulder pad images, does it not? Banish ones, eighties tunnel vision of said shoulder pads and barmy perms, squint a little harder (OK I'm actually squinting, one eye open, the other eye shut) and lets take note of the fucking marvelous film's and how they continue to influence our wardrobe and style (well my wardrobe, and 'style' anyhow).
I must quickly rewind back to when I was a snail throwing child, and my older sister wore lashings of bright, bold prawn colour blusher (I shall cringe for her:*cringe). One day my poor sister had to look after loud, hyper me and my imaginary friend (named robin)when singing along to my Disney sing-along-video (little mermaid, my particular favourite tune, I have to say) my sis pressed eject (my tears shortly followed,' hey I'd not finished singing along to the little mermaid yet!') replaced my childish Disney video and sat me down in front of St Elmo's fire instead...nope the complex, explicit dialog made no sense to me...that was then... Now I've developed a healthy obsession with eighties films for a number of reasons a) Judd Nelson (enough said?) b) the colourful and all so creative catch phases, such as 'Screws fall out the world all the time' from 'The breakfast club' c) the fashion, or at least the array of loud leather jackets,here is my selection of 'rad' eighties inspired bold leather jacket's: forever fashionable and very much still in the spotlight (even if the cast of the breakfast club aren't). Biker Jacket from: Alexander Mcqueen
Red letaher jacket ( top above) from: Hussein Chalayan

Lilac leather from:tobi.com

In St Elmo's fire alone there is easily over seven different style of leather jacket, I kid you not; pink quilted leather jackets, acid green and cropped leather jackets, classic black leather jackets, lip stick red zip exposed leather jacket, electric blue leather bomber jackets, white buckled leather jackets and fringed sleeve leather jackets. Yep and this is evident in just one single eighties brat pack film, that's some serious leather lurrv'in, teenagers of the eighties definitely adored the old leather jacket. Who can blame them? After all it was embrace the leather jacket or hideous over sized chunky knitted jumpers with reindeer's splashed across them and starch collared, super sized blazers complete of course with humongous shoulder pads (mind you them frightening shoulder pads, could just well be back: there's one or two alive and kicking across the catwalk at the 'mo).
Cropped fringed leather jacket from: Temperley London.

Quilted leather jacket from:tobi.com

I've not yet convinced myself sporting a blazer stuffed with shoulder pad's is wise option of yet, though I may just be converted if the right neon blazer ever crops up on ebay! However I am rather seduced by the eighties leather jackets, in particular the fringed sleeve variety, and the quilted variety also, greedy huh? I intend to take my leather even more seriously than Judd Nelson and his on screen buddies, I shall not rush into purchasing a leather jacket, I will maintain patience and carefully leap on my perfect leather jacket, when and if it ever appears. Hopefully it will appear some time soon, before I become fixated on my next fickle fashion phase, I dread to think what my due fashion phase shall be? Um...pom pom covered skirts, perhaps? Or possibly dungaree's? Who knows?

Oh my good god...sorry but I had to insert a cheeky and random, picture of Judd Nelson (from some time ago) for he is (or was) a work of frigging art, attractive and just very sexy 'tis post is beginning to get hot, or rather, hawwwwt!


DaisyChain said...

Argh, that fringe jacket, I NEED.

prettyneons said...

Hey, I know the fringe jacket is fringetastic, haha! ;)
PeAcE* X

Georgie said said...

That fringed leather jacket really IS amazing.

Sunniva said...

First of all, I am so glad to hear again that you're fine! It must have been such a shock to your system. But let's focus on positive things such as that stunning fringe jacket and those gorgeous leather jackets! Oh my, they make my mouth water. Take care xoxo

Andrea said...

I don't wear leather, but say I did? I would want that lilac leather jacket!