26 March 2009

Fashion Visits The Zoo

I heart and very much adore animals big and small: lion and cats, giraffes and gerbils, parrots and penguins...erm yep I suspect you've got the idea. Perhaps my passion for animals is a result of my over ambitious dream as a child 'when I grow up I want my own zoo mummy, can I do that?'
Ah ones never too young and little to think big and begin considering a desired career path, how the heck I went from wanting a zoo to bashing bobbins and falling head over hills in lurvvve with fashion and sewing machines I haven't the foggiest!?
So obviously and naturally I'm very delighted and ecstatic with the insane amount of animal prints (I'm not talking leopard or zebra print either: I've snapped out of the obsessive leopard print phase, of which I've been stuck in for what seems all eternity) as for the Christopher Kane mandrill jersey dress, well a zoo keeper would be mighty proud. However the £135 price tag is indeed a loud raw, and makes my eyes water.

Christopher Kane £135

Flamingo fun from: Mika Machida

Mika Machida knows exactly how to tug on the heart strings of a animal lover, as some of you may already be aware of, from a by gone post of moi's: I'm a huge, huge flamingo fan! I adore their various shades of pink, knobbly knees, and clumsy yet elegant manor (sorry dear flamingo's but you do appear clumsy, to me anyways). My bedroom has little photos of flamingo's dotted about all over the place, so this flamingo frock would fit in rather well me thinks? The emphasis and detail focused on this flamingo's wing is stunning and the bemused facial expression also has me lusting after this printed flamingo frock, yet again the $378.00 puts me off ever visiting this dear flamingo at the zoo!

Lion T-shirt from:newlook

Oh new look how I can always rely on you for mirroring high end designer delights, whats not to love about this lion T-shirt? Look at his 'ickle cheeky feline face and exaggerated whiskers, 'Kane eat your heart out, please who needs a frigging fierce mandrill when you can have your very own lovable long whiskered lion, for £8.00.

Dumbo tee from: truffle shuffle

Now there's elephants and there is dumbo, in a whole other league, I'm sure you'd all agree?Them large floppy pink ears and all, oh yes and dumbo is a rather major Disney movie star too! I personally believe this tee shows off all that is marvelous about Dumbo, this is by far Dumbo's best performance yet: as a fashionable print, £20 from truffle shuffle

Polka dot giraffe from: peoplesmarket

Giraffes the old friendly giant's, this peoples market embroided tunic reflects the care free character of those long necked, tree munching giraffes. Only these giraffes are instead the pretty, funtastic dotty variety: £48.00.
Twit - a-ttttttwooooooohh this big bold owl has been all 'aztec upped' and puts all those tiny robin type birds to shame. With this fashion wise owl bright yellow feather faced features, and loud zesty red, navy blue and pale pink embellished zigzag patterned neckline, £67 from same as above.
After all this zoo appreciation, oddly enough I feel compelled to arrange a day out at the zoo, I'm also gravitating towards that dumbo tee too and with my birthday shortly approaching I may just re-visit truffle shuffle: I need to own Dumbo, damn it!


DaisyChain said...

I very nearly (and still might) purchase that lion tee.
I am also heading back to Bay tomorrow apres college to see if by any chance they have the flamingo cardi lurking in my size...or indeed the rainbow one. I can't believe our crazy similar tastes,
it's proof we win at life.

Georgie said said...

Wow! I love the top t-shirt... awesome.

Sassy said...

the Dumbo tee is like the cutest tee ever!

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