09 March 2009

Go Crazy For The Cool Cute Cardies!

Photo: Moschino
Photo: Marni

Photos: Luella

Has anyone else noticed the amount of cardigans dominating the catwalk's? Just about every designer from a-z have featured the cool and pretty cardigan, Luella is especially loving the cardie!
As far as I'm concerned the cardigan is a girls best friend, and should not by any means simply be consumed and then banished to the back of your wardrobe, (along with last year's 'reinvented' jelly sandal nope I wasn't manipulated nor fooled into that rather tricky s/s '08 trend!) a cardigan is for life not just for spring summer '09. I'm very pleased the cardigan is receiving some fashion credential, at long last. I can breath a sigh of relief and actually consider myself to be two percent stylish and dare I say it? A little bit fashionable? As a fashion misfit (and I don't mean that in the American movie-type-cast-emo-misfit context, if that makes any sense, at all!?) a misfit because, I refuse to conform and be tricked into fashion's dicey trend's, alas the mismatched and colourful concoction of daily outfits, of which I literally pull out my disorganized wardrobe. It would be fair to suggest my commitment to seasonal trend's is non existent. However it seems all of a sudden, I'm not the only individual with much admiration towards the ever reliable and versatile, comfy cardigan, and as a slave to cardigans I felt compelled to seek the most colourful eye catching cardies. From geometric to bow print, sleeveless to draped: there are a whole array of crazy as can be cardigan's and the brighter the better, me thinks...

Chloe £240, from: net-a-porter.com

Coral drape cardie, £10, from: dorothyperkins.com

Tory Burch geometric cardigan, £303 from:net-a-porter.com

Miso stripy sleeveless cardigan £22.50 from:republic.co.uk

Baby pink unicorn cardigan £53.81 from: republic.co.uk

cropped bow print, cardigan £29.35 from:republic.co.uk

New Look purple animal print cardigan £20 from:newlook.co.uk


DaisyChain said...

I am SUCH a cardigan whore, have been for a couple of years now, my friends (who live in jeans, t-shirt, hoody, trainers) used to laugh and call me a grandma, but I don't give a shit,
cardigans = epic win.

Couture Carrie said...

Ooooh me too - I'll take the Chloe, please!

Btw, your description of your outfit was so fab - you should do an outfit post, darling!


Jojo said...

I totally agree, I've been rocking the cardi for years now. I actually still have an old white one from ten years ago that I still wear! Now that's dedication.

Love your blog by the way. Thanks for leaving me a comment and becoming a 'follower' which although sounds dodgy is really quite nice...


prettyneons said...

haha, daisycahin your too funny! 'Cardigan whore haha love it such a great term! I'm well amused! =)
Amen indeed!
Peace...moi ;)

prettyneons said...

jojo, I adore your blog, yet have failed to ever leave a comment (I'm real lazy at leaving comment's, awful I know!)
I know I always think 'follower' is creepy too!LOL!!=)
Peace and Bows...

Jojo said...

well I suppose I'll let you off for not leaving comments...I am in a good mood...I'm going to put your blog on my link list and hope to keep swapping comments with you...

p.s I hope you're thinking of showing us an outfit post...

Winnie said...

I own so many cardigans, definitely a must, especially with the strange weather we have in the UK!

Emz said...

I need to get a cardigan. Don't own one. I don't think... haha

Eri said...

I love the good old cardigan! It's a key piece.
Great post, see you soon

modern antoinette said...

I love the first Moschino look. The color are simply adorable. I love the soft pinks.


Sunniva said...

Hi sweetie, thank you for your lovely comments! I have gone crazy for cardigans, I can't get enough of them. The ones you've chosen here are so lovely, I want to wear them all. Have a great Tuesday xoxo

prettyneons said...

I might consider an out fit post jojo? I'm not sure though? ha ha, might just leave that to fellow fashion blogger's, who know what their doing ha ha!
I dress like a granny crossed with punk/ rocker type thanng LOL LOL =)
x PeAce

Georgie said said...

Cardigans are definitely a girls best friend. I don't think I wear any jumpers just cardigans, I just lose them all the time when I'm out dancing :-(