24 March 2009

Ink Tart & Creative Block...

Ummm, seems there has been a post void here on prettyneons, sorry's about that been occupied and tied up in the not so glorious mundane demands of life, combined with serious creative block. I almost panicked as silly fear dominated me and for a while I doubted myself and abilities 'shit what if I'm never creative again, what the hell is going on and why on earth am I struggling with general ideas etc...was I ever really creative in the first place?' I know, I know over dramatic seriously I really was going through a minor breakdown, where all of a sudden and out of the blue my trusty pens and paint become my worse enemy! I managed to over come the creative block tidal wave, before my pen dried up for good...I dug out some old Cd's and turned the volume up (to not much effect I have a one speaker CD player, so all music sounds generally wonky, and very unbalanced:strange). It was so joyful re-discovering some top class tunes, at one point I almost morphed back to the 14year old me, complete with customized skateboard (skateboarding I never really excelled at, to be honest) and big yet vain ambitions: to get inked, I still haven't got a tattoo!

For ages I've wanted a elephant and this lyric inked on me, to no avail though. Last year I stepped into a tattoo place which smelt of cheese (I'm not even joking) a blank canvas I sat down waiting for the first line to be applied, I ran out making my excuses... So embarrassing as I was with a pal who is pretty much fearless of both tattoos and piercings, my fearless friend chased me down the road screaming for me to come back. I never and instead abandoned him... However in a few weeks I'm finally getting my tattoo and I will see it through this time, and shall not chicken out (I'll have to keep reminding myself of that!) for I can tolerate pain. Having said that I got stung by a wasp not long ago, and could have easily cried my eyes out, sad admission for a girl (almost) 23 years of age!Oh well, whilst I'm making mental notes to myself on what I must achieve and also put an end to...I must *STOP BUYING TARTAN!

I went around rummaging the charity shops and came across some top gems, here's one of them a high waisted tartan skirt. Its a mini skirt really, well it would be on someone who hasn't been deprived of a growth sprout: I have.Being under the average height and all, this tartan number isn't very mini on moi, instead its knee length. Which is fine as it isn't warm enough over here in England to parade around in mini skirts anyways! I've lost all count of how much tart I have in my jumbled up and jungle like wardrobe...the tartan item count is over fifteen, that's definite!
This tartan skirt was only £2.00, so I feel my latest tartan purchase is there for very justified.No?


Wanderlusting said...

I feel sad. I have zero tartan in my wardrobe. Guess I'm not a tartan gal?

PS totally justifiable. 2 pounds is nothing, you'd spend more on coffee, correct??

DaisyChain said...

£2? You lucky poo. Even the new huge charity shop in town yielded nothing but size 24 granny dresses. I need to hit up the city centre ones methinks.

Ohh your going for your tattoo then? How exciting. I totally have yearnings for another.


prettyneons said...

Yay! I knew it would be a justified purchase, and your so right 'wunderlusting' LOL, it is far less than a coffee =)
PeAcE & BoWs

Wana said...

i am sooo not a tartan girl...*sniffs*... i think its agood bargain.

Sassy said...

What a cute skirt, I love mini skirts!

Andrea said...

Plaid is always in style. Always. Thus saith La Alaskena.

muualla said...

I just booked an appointment with a tattoo artist for next month(would have gotten an earlier one, if he wasn´t in Mexico right now...). Long time dream coming true!

The skirt is oh-so-cute.