27 March 2009

Sorry No Comment

Hey, hey this is just a super speedy post to inform all of you lovely fashion blogging friends that for some unknown reason I'm unable to leave comments: yep slight technical hitch hiccup. God knows what I've gone and done? I'm trying to figure it out, um could take a while though, damn I hate it when PCs go up the wall. Do stick with me (well if you desire, that isn't a strict order) and I (hopefully fingers crossed) shall be commenting away and chatting fashion frocks and food once again with you all, I'm not being rude by ignoring all your kind feedback: I just cannot comment, so frustrating...Oh yes one more thing, I'm going to be away for a short while (a week) as its the day I was greeted / introduced into the world day, or for short my birthday ha ha!
So I'm packing my bags (and scrap book, of course!), and off to blow out some neon coloured candles, eat jelly (not yellow jelly though: yellow jelly gives me the spooks) and no doubt seeking some gig band to go and sing along merry to (to fellow gig goer's delight I'm sure?).
Here I leave you in the splendid company of yummy rainbow, OTT bags! All of which I heart alot! Hope you all do too?

Wizard of Oz make up bag: very exciting I'm going to wee myself!
Angel Jackson feather bag: the true definition of funky.
My obsession with feathers is spiraling way out of control, and this Angel Jackson feather bag is only fueling the addiction, neon green and shocking pink, ah I can't help but feel the strong desire to obtain this bag and make it mine! Of course I would only own this gem, inside my dream world, its pricey.

Angel Jackson bag repeat: this is ideal for those disco's so go on... retro and rainbow it up 'gal's!

My fashion taste buds are too predictable right? This accessorize striped, and embroided flower power shoulder bag, has the most wonderful details and the exotic colour combo is delicious (bag's are capable of being delicious, not edible though, no, no this would be silly and foolish).

Mogil: Is this a unlucky python or what?
Mogil python panel clutch bag, once again I'm blinded by the colour pallet of this clutch, the colours shouldn't go but they totally do:if this makes sense? Though I adore snakes and such so really couldn't hang this off my arm.

River Island accessories are on fire!

River Island cross bag, patent electric pink and chunky stitch detail makes this bag literally stand out from the high street bag crowd 'tis a winner in my eyes!
Balenciaga: weave it in and out

Balenciaga.... primary colours and weaving? Oh my good god, this bag is a b-e-a-u-t-y (I watched Bruce Almighty yesterday, as evident).

Marks and Spencer: putting their posh biscuits to shame.

Marks and Spencer, this bag is more wonderful than those fresh baked biscuits of yours. OK can you compare biscuits to bags? Hey ho because I just did.

Mickey & Minnie tote: Mickey is such a catch, and so is this cartoon tastic tote!

Last but not least...Mickey & Minnie tote, whats there to say? They're the queen and king of Disney and Minnie is rarely spotted without a bow, there for she is my fashion icon and I place all blame on to Minnie for my ever growing bow collection. Now I can also blame her (Minnie) for my soft spot for bag's: oh you's have gotta lurv her, haven't you!?

Bye, bye for now and I'll be back soon fashion dreaming and fashion ranting until then peoples...
*PeAcE & BoWs <3>


Trixie La Belle said...

Oh my God ! I LOVE your blog! I love everything from the picture that shows when you first open the page to the originality in the posts. So: I love it! :) xx

Mo said...

have a fabulous trip!

Kat said...

a great collection!

chloe said...

ahh, happy happy birthday!!
ooh, that marks & spencers bag is c-u-t-e, i have to check it out! xxx

Wanderlusting said...

Great bags!! I especially love the first two, the balenciaga one and the m&S one. Too bad the woven weave of the balenciaga won't translate to cheaper prices!

lu_luisa_lu said...

my name is luisa, and I'm the designer of Prints i Like.
I was checking news from Prints on the web and I found an old post where you talk about prints i like.

I'm realy happy you liked it!

My new winter collection was inspired by My Little Pony, (the toy form Hasbro) they sponsored my show!


And we do sell it in UK

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ps: love your blog!

DaisyChain said...

Are you not back yet? Damn. I miss your posting.

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