05 March 2009

My Life: In Bits & Pieces...

Erm....Surprise!? Yep I've finally lost my 'tag virginity' I'm always too lazy for taking part in this tagging game, though its rather fun and enjoyable once you throw your self into it. I must admit I've ignored so many tag's, sorry to be so bloody anti-blog- social (if that of course is the correct term, ergh I'm not functioning very well today, not well at all) its not that I'm arrogant, just extremely laid back (well at times, any way: other times I'm so ambitious and have so many idea's , I burn myself out!)
Anywho's here it goes my life...in a bag...aah firstly I must give a shout out to the ever so snazzy and sweet dasiychaindreams, the 'gal inspired me to take part in this bag business, haha ;)
Right, right so I'm tipping my bag upside down right now...hang on...

So I guess this would be the bag in question...my leopard 'bucket' bag ( from a charity shop, as always, cheap and chic?).

OK so here we have... a lot of shit, no seriously now, I spy with my little eye: perfume L.A.M.B, black eye pencil (I'm not too keen on make up, it irritates the hell out of me and I just cannot be asked: I find a quick line of eye pencil will do the job nicely . If I'm venturing out some place, I push the boat out and add eye shadow, oh and lippy) pocket size Vaseline my loyal,and trusty multi- functional friend ( magic I swear: eye gloss and lip gloss!) MGMT CD album (constant companion at the 'mo, must take it with me no matter where I'm going)

Yep I have so much shit in my bag, I have to take two separate snap shots just to reveal all of its contents (I feel as if I'm giving evidence, here haha!) and the crap continues...mobby (mobile: always empty, don't know why I bother to keep it?) tissues (both new and um, used!) mirror, various pencils/ pens (I'm lost and useless without these) scrap/ ideas book (more treasured than any other materialistic item I own: its where I scribble word's, drawings and other close kept secrets for its my prized possession!) memory stick (if only I could plug it in to my brain, I'm sure scientists are working on it!?) and the exciting book I'm reading at the moment 'by any means' Charley Boorman: fantastic escapism, this read! Not related to fashion at all, I know. I don't really tend to over buy too many fashion magazines, their too expensive most the time: and I can pick up a book at the exact same cost as two different magazine issues: I'll take the book any day!

Well sorry if I bored you with my bag blabbing's, however if you found it amusing, great! Hope it gives you a better insight in to my vibrant life? I'm off to finish with my art, I got my cup's of coffee lined up in a row ready to go! Bye x


DaisyChain said...

Can I be stealing your bag? Yes please thanks.
I'm so proud to have taken your virginity,
and I don't care how very wrong that sounds.

Winnie said...

I really like these kind of tags, perfect for nosey people like me! Your bag is cool but also must be super heavy with all that inside it!

prettyneons said...

Yep it is rather heavy, and it is also an effort sometimes carrying it around, haha!
I might just take part more often in tag, I'll be choosy though, hahaha :)

Have a great weekend,
Peace and Bows...me x

chloe said...

aah, mgmt, i loves them too!
i've put you in my links list m'dear, sorry to have taken so long! x