06 March 2009

I've Hit A Brick Wall

Photo: Peter Jensen brick wall silk print dress

So um, I haven't got anything better to do on this, dismal Friday evening (I feel my title, is brilliantly descriptive ) Hence I suppose, the reason why I'm back to the 'old time waster that is 'wardrobe wishing' i.e aimlessly browsing around and popping by numerous and my own personal favourite online fashion web site's. Today I re-visited my all time favourite creatureofcomfort - a frigging fashion haven, I 'tell'sa ya. The novelty of this web site never, ever wears off, and well if you prefer your clothes to be more than, just clothes and instead make a unique style statement (fashion can speak many words, my friend's!) look no further than creatureofcomfort. Makes asos look like a desperate hollow wardrobe mourning over it's sorry deprived clothes hanger's, asos are the pleasing chips. Where as creatureofcomfort are the marvelous mush'ie pea's! I feel compelled to illustrate, my controversial online fashion opinion: I'm aware an awful lot you would hang me and dunk me in water, for stepping on asos, little toe's what with all its ppq dresses and 'celeb style' feature's ( beyond genius?)...yes asos, because we all want to appear and resemble a freaky celeb clone type: Alexa Chung or Pixie anyone? Pleasssse, spare me.

Photo: Henrik Vibskov button denim dress

Photo: Alexandre Herchovitch floral shirt dress

Photo: Henrik Vibskov abstract body hugging dress, * I need*

Photo: Therese Rawthorne black distressed sheer dress, * oh and the needing continues!

PS...Asos I'm not completely rejecting you and passing you the cone shaped hat, stamped with a capital 'D', after all I am (now and again) still blown away by the odd fashion gem I stumble upon your web site.

visit: www.creatureofcomfort.us/


Bella said...

I'm dying over the sheer dress! These pieces are fantastic!

Happy weekend love. xxx

The Stiletto Effect said...

That last outfit is very cool!

DaisyChain said...

That fitted dress is epic. I would sell my soul for it.

saray said...

i love the prints..