16 March 2009


Whoa has it been hot in England today, could summer be ever nearer? Of course you can't completely have faith in the glorious weather holding out all day, not in the UK no,no, no. It can turn around and piss it down at any given time. Only today it surprised me, as the sun stayed out to greet pm: yep this evening is light out side, whoop, whoop!
When the weather begins to turn around from winter to spring/ summer I panic, I panic because I never have a clue what to throw on myself, um...do I continue the lazy layering routine, familiar and loyal...or cut back on the amounts of layers and opt for simply a long light rain mack...or heaven forbid actually expose my pale as a ghost flesh? ( I don't do exposing skin: ever)
Whilst pondering whether to banish my winter wardrobe from here on, as I felt a little ridiculous in today's large summer sun shades, bright red ballet flats and erm... long rain mack- all items contradicting one another, I know...Sat in a taxi, downing coffee I whip out my scrap book and pencils, the friendly foot ball mad taxi driver enquiring what my desired destination actually is. I almost completely forgot as this girl who looks as if shes just stepped out from a glossy magazine page with immaculate 'airbrushed' complexion, catches my eye (not like that: I don't swing that way!)
Sporting hair I can only dream of , this funky sixties inspired individual had her spring wardrobe sussed, parading around in this muted orange, cream and pale pink floppy hat appearing rather bemused and unaffected by the freakish hot weather and hustle and bustle of many fellow commuters . ..'hey come on, I may be a genius but I'm not a mind reader love!' expresses the restless taxi driver...'Oh yep, um I'm looking for this road, is it near or...whilst he studies my map, I continue to sketch this snazzy girl, I have a starring problem, is most likely her thoughts as she obviously caught me carefully studying the fine details of her beyond brilliant spring ensemble...'Got it, this road isn't near town, will cost you about eight quid, love'... So the over charming taxi driver puts his foot down, my pencils go flying across the seat, hot coffee splashes up and against the taxi door and the girl in the, summer hat has vanished from my view...here's her stripey over sized hat, still so vivid, where did she discover such a gem?
Sketch, from my scrap book by: Prettyneons.

Just hope this rushed sketch has done her justice!?


DaisyChain said...

I'm not sure hot was quite the right word,
warm enough though, for me to finally ditch my winter coat..something that doesn't usually happen till Mid-April. I popped in to work for some cigs and everyone was like "Laura, your almost naked".

It was lovely to walk home in the lightness. I love this time of year, so full of anticipation and fresh starts.

Gorgeous picture girl! I found the one you sent to me lurking in my favourites folder, it's now my desktop background.

I am in one hell of a rambly mood today, oui?

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous inspiration! I am about to do a post on red hair!