16 January 2012


Okay so some bored science boffins with nothing better to do?Reckon today the 16 Jan is the most depressing day of the year for most of us.Jeez,you know I'm baffled how did they reach such conclusion?Ah yes that's right it's still another two weeks until pay day swings round,and comfort eating isn't even an option as all the nice Christmas chocs have been consumed left only with rock hard toffees and orange creams-revolting.Adding to that misery,Ri have new arrivals
Yes as in brand-spanking-new and all so special shoes and bags...the pain,oh the pain and the agonising wait.Just developed a twitch.How many hours are there to go until pay day again?Come on answer that doom impending smug 'scientists'.Pah!All I know is the wait involves several egg timers and tears as my size shall soon become out of stock...why did I torture myself for?When all I had to do was avoid the favourites* upon my screen.I should of slam shut my laptop and walked away happily oblivious.Now I'm not so oblivious,I've entered dangerous territory-I'm in the know.Knowledge is a powerful thing and destructive for a girl with such little willpower,reckless with money and seduced way too easily by hand bags.Remember this is why all your friends have saved up for a flat and you remain at home,sitting on the sofa tolerating tv shows such as Four In a Bed.Meh,then again when I get bored with whatever's on the box,I can always go sit inside my wardrobe adoring my stash of bags.Justified.Alright so it really isn't,but have you seen Ri's new arrivals.Have ya,have ya?Laser cut out clutch.Gasp...Lust.At.First.Sight(see said lust below),the heart dress of which I do completely heart.Like I've never hearted before,and THOSE geo print jeans which are an investment,why?Because they double up as a colouring book,thus encouraging the inner artist to express herself,thus Okay so thus nothing.I simply like the damn jeans...

images courtesy of Riverisland

...and I have such a huge,massive,craving for THOSE geo print jeans,RIGHT NOW!Firstly I must evaluate my money situation and find a sensible solution.
Assessing situation-skint.
Solution-there isn't one
think,think,think they say you we only know how to use thirty percent of our brain.I could be the one to stun scientists,whilst I problem solve how to get my paws on THEM JEANS. without receiving hate mail from my bank and without breaking the law.
*Light bulb moment.
Could apply for a store card,buy the jeans and pay it off later.Hmm,store cards are sly and I've witnessed how they've destroyed my friend;two years later she still continues to pay off for a maxi dress,now one very,very expensive maxi dress.Store cards?Shudder.I could get in touch with the powers that be at Riverisland and convince them to post me a pair.Is that bonkers?Do you know what I don't care how crazy ambitious that idea sounds.I will beg,I will grovel,I will blag my way to them geo print jeans.
Update to follow,err assuming Riverisland don't spam my request that is?

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