01 February 2012


'Ok so no-one is in the office @stylistpick and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I can't help myself.. LOOK AT THESE beauties I have coming for the S/S collection.'


images courtesy of CherylCole twitter

...Ooohh err why many thanks for the grand sneak peak.Sorry but what is exactly going on here?I'm not celebash'in on the girl she clearly has strong creative skills of some sort,footwear designer though?Come on now.If this was the final shoddy product of say a BTEC fashion/design student,it would be a big fat fail from their fashion tutors.Where did the design idea for these shoes evolve from?One of those toy fashion wheel thingys? I'm not dismissing celeb fashion collections altogether some c-list celebs have churned out credible creations (which have made their way to my wardrobe),though more than most are a bit meh as THEM shoes illustrate.I don't mean to be all Meowish,however these shoes are blander than bland and make Primark peep-toes curl up and cringe.Conclusion:there is nothing at all remotely designer about these 'designer' shoes which have the essence of market stall bog-offs (maybe Matalan rejects at a push),minus the cheap as chips price...In fact these shoes have one hefty price tag attached to that very unattractive wedge of which the rest of the 'shoe' (*...Insert your definition of shoe here.For me the above doesn't cut it),is stuck on.Via a dab of pritt stick probably.No offense to Coles crack team of shoe designers,or the naive intern shut in a dark basement somewhere.Scribbling away shoe sketches only to be silenced with false promises of a paid design gig-one day. For now the interns name (and believe there will be an intern involved somewhere,'tis the dark,seedy side of fashion. Daaaarling) must be erased replaced by a famous friendly signature,fashion magazines are a sucker for them.And so they shall swoon, clap and complement the collection and any celeb endorsed designer dribble that just so happens to spill all over twitter.

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