22 February 2012


Tragic news,Peacocks has gone bust.RIP.Would seem my last shift as an employed person was yesterday.I shall miss being a shop.girl.I shall miss styling people,and injecting girls with lots of savvy style confidence,I shall even miss all the not so pretty dramas that are part of the shop.girl package i.e customer complaints of how the size 12 skinny jeans one purchased don't fit...blame the shop.girl for your biscuit binge side effects,why not?.Biscuit binges aside.
Us girls were warned of the worst,and how rapidly it would unfold once the powers that be make their decision.Nothing could prepare me for evacuating my lovely loyal customers out of my shop door,mid afternoon as a mystery man dressed head to toe in black arrived to inform us shop girls that the store must close immediately.*Harsh*
Thus,between us in the staff room tears were rolling,some girls were vomiting in the toilets (including myself),and others collapsed on the floor under the buckle of suspense,stress and shock.We were instructed to attend jobseekers the process explained (I consider myself to be some what a JS pro...this situation being my fourth time post-graduating),and ignored as I turned away,and made my swift exit.I can't be certain when these tears will dry?
Many of my ex shop.girl colleagues hit the bottles and cocktails.Hard.This afternoon down the pub.I decided to numb myself by hitting the sales hard.Treated myself and my sorrows to a few RI treats...

It's no secret that I'm a highstreet fashion kinda gal,through and through.I can never champion our great fashion highstreet enough.Well,minus shoddy shambolic and shabby Primark,cannot tolerate that place.*Shudder* the smell of such high volumes of nasty Polyester. Polyester over dose.Much.
I have my close and trusty fashion hang outs.The special select set of shops I can always rely on in times of need...today,is a time of need.Desperate,desperate need.River Island has always remained just so loyal.When I stepped through them doors at RI I was instantly transported to the sunny,warm,happy destination of Miami...

Redundancy who,what?The array of vibrant colours,Versace-esque prints and splashes of tropical flowers,bright exotic birds and rainbow embellishments swept me far, far away from today's bleak reality.Fashion is threapy.Fact.Some find comfort in cocktails (my fellow just- made -redundant shop girls/colleagues),I find comfort in fashion.So make mine a Miami,like pronto!It was impossible to miss the big Miami hint that decorated the rails at River Island,it was only a matter of time before 2010/11 catwalk totally tropical gate crashed our highstreet.Hooorahzs too,because I'm thirsty for this zesty tropical trend (see my pick of Miami cool below),delivered to perfection by RI.

images courtesy of:River Island/Style Insider magazine

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