23 February 2012


Paloma Faith,style icon

...Paloma,Paloma,Paloma I've been strictly style stalking Paloma Faith for years (if not a decade?HA!),now.It is more than some style obsession.Shes become a unhealthy style obsession!I was lucky enough to catch a Paloma Faith gig,back when I was a art/fashion student and didn't regret blowing my last few quid (bake bean allowance),away on seeing this girl.When she appeared on this tiny box of a stage,I was immediately overwhelmed by her style.Overwhelmed in a good way may I add!The style appreciation was lost on my fellow fashion student 'friends' who just found her dress sense comical,spitting out cruel jibes.They disliked all I adored about Paloma's stage get-up.From there on my Paloma Faith style crush spiralled out of control.No her style isn't refined,or fiercely loyal to those fussy and fickle fashion trends.It isn't premature to suggest that miss Faith is a rare and original style icon and has a huge copy cat effect and impact upon the crazy contents of my own wardrobe.It's only just the beginning of 2012 and this girl has thrown some serious style punches in the past weeks or so (see above),for further evidence check out her London Fashion week solo style parade!
P.S...no I cannot pick a Paloma Faith favourite fashion moment.Imposs.

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