24 February 2012


I am furious with Fendi and their giant PR machine who had the nerve to contact me and leave these revolting runway images (see below) inside my inbox from their Fendi show in Milan yesterday. An vile array of slaughtered innocent animals such as mink,pony,goat,antelope and wait for it...rabbits.Yes adorable 'ickle bunny rabbits.Draped,dead and dangling off the arms of slender models;how can they participate in such a twisted parade of'luxury'?Do they feel no shame for encouraging this animal cruelty?Or are they somehow immuned from guilt,because they are only the models?Well,guess what?The models are not immuned.As far as I'm concerned they're as blame worthy as the heartless animal abuser airhead fashion designers.Possibly the most fucked up over paid,over rated individuals who walk this earth.That sentence is mild and not even harsh enough.It both saddens and sickens me in equal measures.To the point where I feel ashamed to associate myself with the on going slaughter house that is the fashion industry.Fendi,you requested me to post this 'incredible' fashion event,a frenzy of skinned-alive furs.Such a spectacular spread of ignorance,unnecessary torture and various rainbows of cruelty camouflaged in colours.All the agony pain and tears of the animals,forever silenced/muted and concealed in the form of a fucking clutch handbag.Why stop there with handbags,eh designers?Lets continue to churn out other luxurious animal based accessories.Pony skin shoes,sooo this season and like totes epic.This is the big problem isn't it? The demand by the deluded and oblivious(I assume)fashion victims.Who,must be unaware of the blatant,obvious connection between their fur frocks and fluffy animals,who become the real victims of fashion.Minus their own decision,of course.Now please Fendi and co.Do not EVER AGAIN send me your screwed up scenes of slaughter.As I've no concern for how you dress up death and embellish it-only makes the disgust more disgusting.

P.S...I know such anti-fur rants aren't original I bite my tongue a lot on this subject,however the Fendi catwalk clips have sent me to the edge.If I've offended any deadicated fur lovers...*newsflash* sod off.Prettyneons shall not feel your absence anyways.

images courtesy of Elle
images courtesy of Kurt Geiger
images courtesy of company magazine

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