05 February 2012


images courtesy of cambridgesatchel

It's Sunday.That means one thing.Splurge time.Last Sunday's shoe splurge left me feeling stuffed,this Sunday I've replaced the shoes with satchels.Such a humble bag,and one that appeals to my inner dork.
She(the inner dork of mine-not me remember.But the inner dork)gets a kick out of
sci-fi,loves writing lists,secretly wants to bunk off work to attend an afternoon book club and has the hots for professor Brian Cox and an even bigger crush on satchel/batchel bags(though I consider the satchel batchel hybrid to be a bit try hard and naff).I have much affection for the satchel as it's the only accessory which can instantly add points to your IQ,with the ability to fake a rather convincing intellectual like appearance.Making it a very cleaver style choice indeed!


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