19 February 2012


Sunday again,you know the drill.Right?Splurge time.In which I pretend via the power of great imagination that I've a hefty and healthy bank balance.Thus the purchasing possibilities are endless.Remember 'tis all pretend - no price tag too big.There are though,strict rules which apply to the weekly Sunday splurge sessions all items featured MUST be swoon worthy and TotemSalvage is indeed that and so much more...

I've had intentions to feature these beautiful bag creations for ages,when ispied
(as embarrassing as this confession is)Ivy (90210...yes,yes as in the very rubbish very bad very teenager tv show which I really should learn to switch off and stop watching if I want to be taken as a serious,mature twenty-something adult.*cough*),
rocking a Navajo rucksack whilst having a seriously stylish emotional breakdown.Um well,90210's version of a breakdown!I digress.
Strictly for research purposes (and not to indulge in trashy American tv),I had to commit to the end of the 90210 episode,in which this distracting Navajo rucksack of Ivy's repeatedly made an appearance.Luckily for me...ah I mean 'the fashion research',it was back-to-back episodes of 90210.I noticed this Navajo bag pattern occurring in almost every Ivy scene each one the more stylish than the last,of course. Zinser can do no wrong.Damn it the girls threads are way too underated,Zinser deserves more style shout outs!I've digressed again.Haven't I?
Days later with the impending mystery that is Ivy's rucksack continuing to both bug and baffle me,in a desperate bid I get the Googles and decide(in the name of fashion research and not because I enjoy 90210 in any shape or form.None.None at all.Not in the slightest.You understand?)to go more indepth with my Ivy rucksack investigation.Yes,it is indeed a full blown investigation now.
Okay so I've now entered the crazy world of hardcore 90210 fan forums/tumblrs many dedicated entirely to Zinser aka Ivy's mellow surfer style wardrobe.Overwhelming.Where to begin?Scrolling down every-single-Zinser-style-moment,with every outfit documented in detail (there is a whole Gillian Zinser underground?Who would have known,huhs?)finally the Navajo rucksack origins are revealed and leads me to the source of TotemSalvage.Accessories constructed out of discarded dusty bits and bobs such as once old Navajo rugs,sprinkled with delicate detailed embroidery and other fancy needlework tapestry.Hence Ivy's rucksack.

images courtesy of TotemSalvaged

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