28 February 2012


Urgh,what to do with all these pesky voids where employment once existed?I've been a victim of fashion retail redundancy for a few days and already I'm feeling frazzled:such huge volumes of boredom is exhausting.My body hasn't yet adjusted to our new routine of no routine.I continue to bounce out of bed,hit the bathroom and hit the coffee (harder then ever before,mind)before it occurs to me-there is no shop to open up,no tills to switch on,no fashion overviews to implement.There is no job to attend anymore only my impending JSA interview(job seekers allowance.For those of you lucky enough to avoid this recession/job cut carnage),until I hit that new low at the job centre.I decided after much debating (shouldn't piss away my last pay on pretty clothes etc vs yeah go for it,treat yourself you dedicated three hours to job hunting this morning...one item won't make you homeless)and hesitation to hit my local highstreet.
Really shouldn't of.
My intentions were to browse a few small fashion stores (I need to be around clothes rails!Customer service and the comforting sound of tills rolling out receipts)for some much needed escapism,though despite my efforts that big black redundancy cloud refused to stop stalking my every move.I was sent on a further downward spiral to despair,after both observing and absorbing the poor sight,of what is a pretty little town underneath the layers of highstreet decay.Of which I've been oblivious to in the past as a hectic always on the go,ignorant-to-my-close-surroundings employed person with no time to be looking around or if I'm frankly honest-give a hoot.This on/off/on again recession has consumed large parts of my small shopping town,Tesco's dominates one corner,an array of greasy kebab bars follow,with(mostly)crusty charity shops scattered across the road.The remainder?The remainder is an ugly reminder that the recession is very much still roaring,leaving odd awkward gaps where busy,buzzing fashion business once belonged(Peacocks being the more recent highstreet casualty)a shoe shop sits with visible empty shoeless shelves on display.It just becomes more bleak the further I explore my highstreet
...Newlook is crying for help,their struggle poorly concealed by desperate red/black
banners boasting that All Stock Must Go.Such sad shop displays have become much too common around here,the signs not difficult to translate.Other fashion stores fate have been decided,the doors are open for how long?My prediction-two weeks.Max.With windows blacked out in thick white opaque paint,hiding hollow insides.Another skeleton shop for this town to adopt.Another kebab bar/charity shop shall take their place,'tis a no brainer.This is possibly the worst retail therapy I have experienced.With all attempts to remain positive I visit the surviving DP's store,I love the DP shop girls who deliver smiles and make the effort to engage with such a vacant version of myself,"Hello there,are you ok?Would you like help with anything?"
Yeah I'm alright.Haning on,which is more than this town.Which needs the fucking help.
By the time I've arrived at my Dorothy Perkins destination,all enthusiasm has evaporated.Disturbed by the melt down of my 'shopping' town,I only purchase one rabbit ring and then make a swift exit.Feeling overwhelmed with the desire to help this shy and struggling highstreet of mine (admittedly prompted by my own selfishness too-I need more clothes shop options.Damn it!).I dash back to my desk,brain storm *lightbulb* Mary Portas aka queen of frocks i.e fierce fashion retail expert.Intelligent yes.Her tv episodes indicate intimidating too.Pah!Poorly edited?Or so I convince my anxious self as I commit to writing a wordly and lengthly email directed straight to Portas herself.
Send to: Portas Pilot
Subject:tumbleweed town.Help?

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