14 February 2012


Okay I'll admit it.Once upon time I was craving cosy kooky knits,silly novelty sweaters,and all things bobble,but that was back in September.Now?Now I've had enough.I've ENOUGH of cosy.I'm bored of bobble hats,and numerous over sized grandad cardigans (yes this includes you my favourite mustard yellow RI cable knit cardie,soz),it's kinda getting old now.I need variation.The fun factor has worn off along with the excitement of picking out pom pom jumpers (was anyone else a sucker for those pom pom knits from Toppers and Asos?Hmm just me then?)and practical footwear-my feet want freedom.Freedom from wellie boots (this includes all my patterned wellies),snowboots,ankle boots.I'm giving 'em all the boot.Sod the frost bite and tingling toes.
I read somewhere?That in New York women refuse to wear tights,ditching the 20 deniers opting to go leg naked through out the mean winter months.So if they can tolerate numbing of the knees,than I can suffer a little too.Right?
Sure I'm forever cranking up the central heating,clutching my not so stylish hot water bottle and adding layer after layer after more layers of err layers.Time for me to toughen up.Ignore the chilly climate ('big freeze' what big freeze?)and begin my winter wardrobe detox.This means a bobble free zone.I'm dragging out and dusting off the dresses from the dark corners of my wardrobe.
...Why do all these dresses now seem so very drab?If I'm going to kick off my winter wardrobe detox,I need focus,I need a goal,I need inspiration I need these? (see dresses below).These pretty ditsy print dresses from Joy,shall surely keep me motivated?When the winter wardrobe detox proves too challenging and those all too familiar knitwear disguised temptations try to lure me in with their bobbleness and chunky cosy cableness.I will resist I will I will I will.This winter detox is doable and it starts here with a new dress...

images courtesy of Joy

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