03 February 2012


shoes newlook

bag dorothyperkins


Friday night everyone I know is in a rush to go out,binge drink,consume grease based food and freeze their tits off in a tiny body con dress.
Funny enough none of the above appeals to me,like at all and especially the body con dress part.Nope.I'm staying put.I'm staying in.Absorbing central heating (...dry skin deal with it!),laughing hard at New Girl (who else is smitten with Jess?),wishing I was Zooey aka Jess and practice being a fashion hermit...I've almost got it nailed.Around about this time they (the hardcore Friday nighters.Wooo!Rave.On),practice their best drunken TOWIE impressions and excessively
vomit over their hair extensions whilst their bake fake tan freezes over.I have been doing rounds of my own.Online,eh consider my version of a pub crawl?On my crawl I've staggered upon the above cuties.Staying in vs going out?Pah!What do you think?

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