29 February 2012


"They said I was a valued customer.Now they send me hate mail."

Confessions of a shopaholic

When,when will I depart from these depths of denial?There are no more paydays awaiting me at the end of each month.I.Am.Redundant.Now.Redundant as in no more income coming in anymore.Putting a stop to all forms of spend splurges,dresses,shoes,bags...oh my beautiful,beautiful bags.I've a secret stash of 'em totes,shoulder bags,fringed bags,vintage bags,weaved bags,studded bags.,quilted bags.All bags are a friend of mine,I'm not too fussed which ones I adopt and I consider it cruel and rude to reject.I'm convinced my bag collection breeds,there's no other logical explanation.How else could the amounts continue to expand?Trespassing and overspilling into other areas of my life,um I mean wardrobe.I've remained loyal to such daft,elaborate excuses when both confronted and embarrassed by my stash of handbags.Hence the secret stash part.It equals to such disgusting amounts,maths fails me all I know for sure is I'm emotionally attached to each and everyone.Yes I did just admit to having emotional bonds with my bags.Some vintage leather satchels have cherished stories,vivid memories,and precious secrets concealed inside of them.My vintage weaved red leather shoulder satchel 'school' bag (b'day gift from my mum,all her fault!) is my early account and admission into the addictive world of accessories.Since then every other week has included a 'birthday',people binge drink during weekends,me?I binge on bags,oblivious to any exceeding limits.One more!I'll have just one more,if I need to justify my purchase then I will justify away!In a haze of bag drunk behaviour,I become ever so defensive my excuses transparent and wearing thin,"All my other bags are inadequate,they don't have enough compartments like that one.I really need a bag with a nifty little front compartment,to...to keep my keys safe,also quick access;save me from rummaging all the way down to the bottom.Thus preventing myself from potential and the very real threat of getting mugged.This sleepy village is ghetto,thugs and crack dealers crawling all over the joint.This Vanessa Bruno bag may serve to my defense,you can't put a £235.00 price tag on safety can you?"There she goes again existing on an unhealthy diet of delusion,brainwashed by yet another bag...

images courtesy of Vanessa Bruno

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