21 February 2012


Today is a Tuesday,and today it would seem I'm having one of them rough urgh days.
When nothing inside my wardrobe.NONE of it's colourful contents are providing me with an ounce of style satisfaction;not the mono stripe blazer,not the neon pink blazer(bonkers about the blazer?Umm yep just a little bit too enthusiastic for all things blazerish).Not the vintage polka-dot dress,not the nautical dress,not the pastel pink shorts(bbbbrrrrz definitely not short climate yet!),not the Aztec print pencil skirt...hmm,denim dungarees?Nah.Where did 'em denim dunga's come from anyway?AAHH,THE FRUSTRATION.OF.NOT.KNOWING.WHAT.I.WANT.TO.WEAR!
I decide to keep things easy-peasy,and gravitate towards basic jeggings
(cop out.I know),my over sized(and over abused)mustard yellow grandad cardigan (...convincing enough to be an Urban Outfitters item,but is in fact a thrift impostor)and a T-Shirt.
Where are all my tee's at?
How is my wardrobe tee-total?Why do I have none of these basic wardrobe staples?
Oh wait I lie.I own two band tee's.One MGMT with a mystical triangle unicorn thang going on and the other is Cage The Elephant.There was a valid reason why I rejected and piled these band tee's with my pj sweat tee's.Now why was it...?
Uh huh,yes I remember why these band tee's got the silent treatment,discarded to one side with my pj/sweats.Because band tee's attract unwanted attention from them inked up rocker boys.Bad news.Before you know it you've become his PA dragging around his 'baby' bass guitar to weekly Saturday night jam sessions,only to get mistaken for a teenage groupie.All because of THAT bloody band tee (and an instant bond/mutual appreciations for Cage The Elephant),you decided to advertise across your chest.Whilst innocently sat minding your own biz.

I digress....really need to kick that filthy habit.
With any band T-shirts,well,banned for the above bitter experience and going topless way,way out of the question.I guess I should get on it and invest in some T-shirts(see below)with these Bershka graphic print tee's it allows my style to be 'with the band' yet I can remain very much detached from the sides of a sweaty mosh pit.Brilliant!

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