25 February 2012


I've always been a bargain babe.Job or no job.Of course I was made redundant from Peacocks(RIP)this week,so now style scrimping isn't optional.It is indeed essential.Fashion sales I need you.My wardrobe needs you.Without your existence we shall both suffer my style and I.So from now on I'm dedicating Saturdays to becoming a super style scrimper:by providing my fellow skint style slaves (...thanks you snazzy fashion NEETS for your sweet comments)to sale supreme. Because I don't know about you girls? But I get the shudders at the thought of not allowing myself some little weekend wardrobe treats.Luckily I'm partial to a spot of thrift shopping via charity shops,and consider myself a thrift pro.There's only so much thrifting around a girl can squeeze out of the second hand shops.So thank heavens for FashionUnions outlet. FU have been a fashion friend of my browser for a while now,and their outlet is definitely worth having a snoop around as your sure to strike style scrimper gold!
Today being my last pay day (depressing)I've splashed out on a few FU sale items,and snagged my sorry self to these(see below) beaut bargains including a pair of £15.00 shoes and mono-esque print dress also a purse friendly £15.00,bag not included.Well us NEETS (i.e not in education not in employment) like to look nice too,even if our days shall now only consist of day time tv sessions and dusting off/updating our CV's in the attempt to bag the ultimate accessory-a fashion career!Until you receive that phone call,lets unite and abuse THOSE sales,yes?Sassy style scrimpers start here...

heart dress,£32.00


mono dress,£15.00
all images courtesy of Fashionunion

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