02 February 2012


As a loyal and committed fashion/style stalker (five years going strong),I tend to trip upon little fashion treats and gorgeous gems pretty much every other day,such secret fashion finds don't come easy you have to earn them this takes stamina,dedication, procrastination and hours upon hours of sleepless nights.Dosed up on a cocktail of ribena,coffee (milky,no sugar.Two dark chocolate ginger biscuits),brainless box sets (...Ugly Betty,GG,90210,Wonders Of The Universe.Yes I can do high brow box'in too) or get shuffling on the old ipod.These will provide the sound track to your sneaky,late night fashion/style binge session.
Guilty I am of having a quick fashion fling or two.Stumbling all over the fashion blogshere,flirting with intriguing fashion links.A click here.Double click there.Thousands of clicks and boxset repeats later,I strike style gold...

images courtesy of modcloth

Modcloth?Hmm,hang on there (pause boxset,put down the cup of coffee)this name rings a bell?
Ah.Got it.Modcloth isn't a new crush of mine,it's an old long lost ex of mine from years ago.
My debit card and Modcloth got it on,BIG TIME.Every weekend I discovered something new and special on Modcloth,with my passionate purchasing relationship moving very fast indeed.All was bright,swell and happy-happy.Keeping Modcloth hush-hush,selfishly I shared my fashion secret with only a small selective few,fear of Modcloth morphing into an Asos style monster and developing a not so nice ego.I know such secrecy was sly of me and so so shitty,only greedy blog bastards keep fashion gold to themselves.Fashion is for sharing it has the power to unite us shallow souls.I committed the ultimate big blogging no-no,by being unwilling to share the magic that is Modcloth,failing to insert any links, ignoring all the where- did- you- get- it- from's.Having the nerve of documenting my latest Modcloth dresses followed only by an anonymous blank item source.I bagged myself a huge fashion find knowing very well how attractive it was, I quickly became possessive over Modcloth and didn't want anyone else to be sporting the same vintage/indie independent fashion label's as me.The affection for Modcloths kooky dresses, vintage shoes and accessories etc was instant.I quickly consumed all I could,this caused me some serious Modcloth digestion problems,thus the label lust filled relationship rapidly turned sour.Someone snitched on me by putting the word out there,throwing the precious link about.Soon here there and everywhere bloggers had been Modified,so like some snobby,angst anti-mainstream music teenager I rejected Modcloth for selling out.Swiftly I moved on to another online fashion fling and hooked up with the babe that is Boohoo.Com shouting from the rooftops how 'tis going to blow up and become THE new fashion destination.Busy getting my Boohoo on,I forgot all about my ex Modcloth.Until yesterday when editing my list of *favourites and accidentally became involved with the ex enticed by all of the above (see above).I screwed up and now it would seem I never moved on from Modcloth.I HEART YOU FOREVER.

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