15 April 2009

The Rolling Stones Denim & Me

So not too long ago I was trying to reach some kind of rational denim conclusion to as why I often avoid jeans and have a odd phobia towards the blue stuff in general (I've never had denim lurking any where in my wardrobe- ever!) well I'm proud to announce I've been converted, and can now accept the versatile brilliance which is denim.
I had two fantastic helpful sources one being miss daisychain (who could give a certain 'famous' TV stylist a run for his money, I tell you) who guided me through this difficult denim drama, with her valid advice on purchasing some well fitted jeans (cheers hun!). I shall now run to you in times of a fashion crisis...if you don't mind? Ha!
The second source, was more of an fashion reference and pure indulgence too...

all photos from: The Rolling Stones unseen archive

...I think it's safe to say The Stones were partial to a bit of denim in the classic flare cut of course: hence my decision to buy a pair of enormous high waist, light blue denim flares. I did attempt to seek out some similar to Mick Jagger's diamond shaped patch work flares (as seen above) but I'm afraid to no avail. Oh jeez did I receive some amusing feedback from numerous shop assistants, baffled to as why I was so stubborn on only trying on and purchasing patch work denim flares...I settled for plain flares ( DIY is my best friend after all).
Hmm I predict the shop assistants were more then ecstatic to see the back of me! With one assistant in New Look rambling on about how 'denim shorts are far more desirable' with celeb's such as Alexa Chung favouring them over other forms of denim...um yes and she just so happens to be the face of New look at the moment.
So Chung isn't my fashion inspiration 'tis Mick Jagger now officially my denim idol...?

At last the tales of denim have reached the end: wow denim sure has proved to be a whole different ball game and very unfamiliar fashion territory, how ever I've a new found appreciation for denim and acknowledged how it need not be dull as previously thought.
Though I will never bring myself to banish skirts and frocks forever, fat chance in fact.
I do vow to add a touch of denim into my out fit when ever I crave a change and a break from the normal, mundane ensembles of mine...if only to shake things up and not become too predictable too often!
I've a pair of straight peg jeans to experiment with yet: more silly snap shots to be displayed right here in the near future ;)


v said...

great post!


prettyneons said...

While thank you's V...
PeAce & BoWs*
prettyneOns X =)

DaisyChain said...

You are officially awesome
(and I so covet your shoes).


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love your shoes too!!

prettyneons said...

Hey girly's thanks...these shoes are two years old LOL, I think they were from new look? If I remember rightly?
Have a fab Thursday ;)
Prettyneons xXx

Winnie said...

Well those shoes are awesome even if they are old!

Loving the fact you're a denim convert!

Em x said...

Fab post and awesome shoes!