07 April 2009

I Don't Do Denim...But

photo:Kirchhoff, is to blame.

By browsing through the numerous fashion posts on my blog, it is clearly evident I'm not a huge fan of denim in any shape or form. For not once has the likes of denim been featured, If my memory is correct there isn't even a hint of the blue stuff to be found any where on prettyneons.
Denim has been kicking around for donkeys years, so when fashion magazines categorize denim as a current trend season in and season out year after year it does half irritate and grate on me. Reason being: denim is a stable in everyone's wardrobe (boy and girl) across the land: there for how on earth does denim do it? You know manage to creep in and be apart of a trend feature, when it never disappears: when was the last time denim was ever even slightly absent? Um never me thinks is the correct answer to my own burning question. Perhaps this is the very reason behind the lack of denim on my little prettyneon blog, I'm sick of seeing it cannot stomach jeans or jean skirts had it up to hear (pointing at my head). Plus I never EVER want to be reminded of the time when I pasted up Bewitched posters on my pony pink bedroom wall- 'never forget' they say: nope please I am desperate to escape that pre- teen awful, awful music phase. Of which conjures up many shades of denim.

However I'm a contradiction plus I'm more then due to confront my denim demons. Once and for all...Now I've tried time and time again to shake off the Kirchhoff denim outfit which remains stored in that damn wardrobe fashion memory bank of mine, I realise all this time I've been in deep denial. Denial as the 'Kirc ensemble has me secretly (or not so secret anymore) longing and desiring denim! There I confessed. I do do denim, though whether denim desires me is another matter? I do not suit trousers and so jeans are out of the picture really. I'm lucky as with jeans I never have too much of a struggle and drama with, I know my size and shape so trying them on isn't a issue. However I often feel too tomboyish (as I am a bit tomboy) wearing jeans or trousers in general, so I feel its easier to fake a dose of femininity and girly girl in a cute skirt. Dresses are also extremely effortless none of that 'which tee to wear' conundrum, a dress is within my comfort zone. Grab a frock and cropped coat or blazer and off I trot, fooling all into believing I adore chic flicks and facials ha ha...I detest all chic flicks!

So anywho's I'm going to challenge my skirt wearing self and take a huge almighty step outside my garment comfort zone, I'm choosing not to ponder over the yet tragic and dire denim results: Here are the deadly denim items I'm going to purchase and experiment with: god help me, here it goes folks...

Faded blue 7o's high flare £25 Debenhams

Dark Blue high waist big flares £40 same as above
Bleached out & trashtastic £35 Riverisland

Dotty denim £40 Cheap Monday

Denim button dress £40 Miss Selfridge (hey its still denim: and there for is valid, OK?)

Denim jacket £55 warehouse (lurvvvin this, I've gotta say!)

Right-e-o I shall keep you posted on which exact shape and style of denim I opt for, eek help!?
Jokes, no I'm determined to be positive towards this daring denim mission...may the denim drama unfold.

PS...Does denim strike fear in anyone else? Or is it only me? Just curious as I feel like a denim outcast! x


DaisyChain said...

I love those spotty jeans! However, I think either of the two debenhams pairs would be an excellent investment and a gentle introduction in to the world of denim. Well cut flares can be dressed up or down in a myriad of ways and can make you feel amazing.

The jacket is amazing. I need to clone it and get it in my wardrobe ASAP.

I like to say I'm not a fan of denim/jeans
but I reckon that's because I'm still searching for the perfect pair.


P.S. Hallelujah, your blog loads on this ancient machine. The world has not ended. HURRAH.

prettyneons said...

Oh wow, you have no idea how very helpful your piece of jean advice is, thanks love!:)
Much appreciated as I'm baffled, by all things denim ha ha!
PeAce & BoWs ...
me X

disa said...