08 April 2009

Fashion Makes Sense

photo: OK it was a massive charity shop binge.

Confession I've been indulging in my beloved and much preferred past time: one big charity shop binge, the total for this lovely lot added up to a purse friendly £13...yes you read correctly do not adjust your PC monitor:£13.
I've always adored working my way through rails, stacks and boxes of second hand fancy frocks and such, this is a habit of mine which is here to stay (or at least whilst the charity shops are up and running. Heard some upsetting news yesterday our local cancer shop has gone bang, and closed all boarded up. I'm nothing but distraught). I get this adrenalin rush the sort of rush similar to that off free falling, or swimming alongside sharks ( both I've not yet experienced, just a guess) Thank goodness I'm capable of keeping up such adrenalin antics, see I live in charity shop heaven, often filled and stuffed with stacks, and stacks (if not miniature mountains) of marvelous thrift treasure in good condition too (thank you the super rich youth who live near by: oh how the novelty of French Connection wears off rapidly with them guy's. Fine by me!).
My personal favourite second hand shop is Sense, as their far a few between and have such a wonderful worthy cause. Being a firm believer in Karma and being a good person I'm more then willing to donate pennies which are kicking about on my desk. Destined to go towards some pointless item such as, I don't know...another black or red nail paint! May I take this moment to plug Sense...

Alright, thank you plug finished!

Beyond amazed with this weeks discoveries, gems include a bright pink, mohair knit vest french connection it still had it's original label in tact. Suppose punk rock isn't for every individual, I tell you what, the Sex Pistols would be proud. There for I'm too beaming with punk pride...

photo: second hand cheap as chips French Connection vest.

Next to spill out of my supermarket plastic carrier bag is this, ditsy orange, lilac, blue paint spec floral print, smock number from Top shop. I know ironic giving Top shop and I do not see eye to eye: I've dedicated a high volume of article material picking on and bullying certain Top shop collections. This I really do fancy though, the button detail is delicate, it flares out and hugs the waist. Yep it was destiny we were meant to collide!

photo: Top shop debt free floral top, second hand charity find.

Two words- beach bum. I'm very eager to construct some sand castles parading around in this.
Not too sure where this originally would of came from, I'm predicting either Peacocks or Primark? One of the two: as it is familiar to moi I recognise it from some high street shop window? This dress is definitely lurking in the corner of my wardrobe memory bank...hmm ponder? The tag again remains attached, yet scratched, hmm puzzled? photo:Second hand dress, ideal for the sea side (when it's a bit warmer!)

My inner goth made another appearance today, hence this long distressed, black knit Buddhist Punk top. With only minor damage: the seam is torn inside, I've mended it now. Taking me only five 'ickle minutes. I cannot believe how others simply discard such items, because of such insignificant frays and such. photo:Close up of second hand Buddhist Punk top.

Of course with all the over whelming bargain finds and general excitement, I got carried away ...grabbed this tribal style top as the print is fierce yet pretty. Paid for it, rushed home looked at it (this time with attention) and it's a size 8! *Sob heart out*
I'm not a size 8, will never be a size 8 or any other single digit size tag for that matter. Single digits aren't in my DNA, so I just don't know what to do? The charity shop won't take it back (dilemma) plus it was the most expensive item out the whole lot too. Even has a ASOS label and tag attached: tip top condition no marks, lose nasty threads zero. Isn't just sods law huh?
photo: ASOS top with belt---could duoble as a cool head scarf, no?
photo: I'm giving away this top £6 and a SIZE:8.

Are there any lucky SIZE 8 'tribe' fashion blog lovers out there? If so feel free to drop me a email, and you can grab this for £6 and lets say £1.50 p&p (UK). My email is: PRETTYNEONS@LIVE.COM
First come first served, fair?
Give it a good home :)

Well thats enough showing off with my charity shop gem's!


Winnie said...

I really love that french connection top and that buddhist punk dress. Quite workable pieces! Too bad that ASOS top didn't fit! At least you didn't may very much for it!

prettyneons said...

very true Winnie it could be a lot worse, I'd hate to think how much the ASOS top would of been had I got it from the site itself eek! It was costly enough in Sense ha ha :)

Hope your having a nice evening
PeAcE & PeNnIeS
moi X

Wanderlusting said...

I'm size 8! I'll totally take it off your hands, I was about to comment on how much I love it! Give me a shout, foreverwanderlust@yahoo.com and I can paypal you da cash!

You have the best luck with thrift shopping - I FAIL@Thrifiting.com :)

Wanderlusting said...

Well I'm a size 8 at ASOS (up top anyway, I'm at least a 10 on the bottom), so yah, sign me up :)

prettyneons said...

Cool beans (I've no clue where I got that daft saying from?) its yours my love. I will email you real sooney Xx
prettyneons :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

love it charity shop chic!
Hot pink top is aces!!! brilliant!

Bella said...

Ahhh, theere are some pretty amazing pieces here! Love pink FC and the black knit Buddhist punk top... awesome!


Mo said...

i use those belts as head scarves all the time. So functional...

By the way:
I've tagged you :P

prettyneons said...

Oh mo, I've been tagged! Right I'm on to it OK LOL!
PeAcE & bOWS...
me ;) xx

Joshy said...

sure go ahead and have a donut!!!! but save some for me..they are special donuts u know..lol

prettyneons said...

oh thank you's Joshy your too kind LOL! =)
PeAce & icing...?

Eeli said...

WOAH! I'm really liking this aul missy! I just gasped when you found that golf punk distresed jersey shirt! Lucky lucky.... :P

I know what you mean too. Such a strange exhiirating experience it is sifting through racks upon racks of opshop goodies! :)

Hope you have a wonderful easter break doll! :)



Anonymous said...

That Buddhist Punk dress is GORGEOUS! I don't like long movies either. I purposely avoid them in the theatre, even if I want to see them. I have to wait until they're out on DVD so I can have a potty break when needed!

Sassy said...

Thank you! Some bling lightens everything up you know!

I love the pink vest and the buddhist top, hot as hell!

Have a nice weekend!

prettyneons said...

Hello's I wish you all a very, very good choc fueled Easter weekend
much love <3
Peace & Easter eggs!
prettyneons X =)

Couture Carrie said...

Fab finds! Love the Topshop floral top!


TheMinx said...

I love all your picks, the floral dresses are gorgeous and perfect for summer.