12 May 2009

Get High

Wow, I actually took some much needed time out from my hectic as hell projects ( so, so bonkers lately the amount of work I pile on myself: surely it must be a lot easier and less social life consuming not to have and be chasing after dreams? Dreams of which often feel many, many light years away. Apologies to my loved friends who I fear I may of been neglecting over the last week or two, due to all my big dream chasing).
So where was I? Yes my bit of time out, well it consisted of wandering around, in and out of many high street shop's, big deal huh? Well it is a very big deal and very much out of character thing of me to do: as normally the high street gives me a headache and I lose my patience with rude people, and frustrating, annoying clothes hangers... Getting all knotted up, stuck in knitted garments and stabbing my eye, violent sport all that high street shopping.
If I could chose high street over thrift'in and car boots, I will always opt for the latter to get my fashion kick's.
Well that is until recently I'm happy to get high on the high street!

Wow Peacocks what's going on? You've got good, have you been secretly stalking high end fashion designers for a few design inspirations and ideas? Come on now reveal your secret I won't tell anyone.
To say I was surprised by their shoes is a major understatement, I had to do a double take, 'erm I am standing inside peacocks right now aren't I? I mean this isn't River Island or any other high street giant is it?' Such a strange and unexpected experience, to spot a gem in peacocks was as bizarre as I don't know? Seeing an animal belt out an opera tune!
Matalan and Marksandspencer are a pair of dark horse's too, all I ever find in my local m&s store are brilliant quality tights. That's it.
As for miss selfridge, I honestly cannot recall the last time I stepped in to that place? I was almost through and over with miss selfridge as it all became a bit too familiar and predictable 'oh would you look at that, all these items are exactly the same as last month, and the month before that and the month before...OK you get the drift now.

I'll let these items all from the the high street do the talking and illustrate my conclusion.

multi strap buckle shoes from peacocks, £20, a stlye of shoe straight out of the posh pages of Bazaar (jeez that magazine sure knows how to make one feel a fashion misfit).

this black mini eyelet skirt from miss selfridge £28 is simple rock glam at it's best, give me a slouchy tee to tuck in...

yep this will do perfect anchor T-shirt from Matalan, £8...Mmm now I'm lacking fashion tool's to style it up to my own personal taste...

Chunky silver stud belt how you shine, from M&S, £25, accessories, accessories I need to have accessories (I find accessories fun... and addictive!).

ring miss selfridge £5

ring £ 15 M&S
from same as above, £7.50

scarf miss selfridge £15

skinny belt from same as above.

Well I must now return to my sewing machine I've a whole load of over locking to do, not easy when my sewing machine continues to be a bitch and generally drive me up the wall!


DaisyChain said...

I love the eyelet skirt and the peacocks shoes. I fear I am all shopped out lately, what is going on?!
Do copy my sunshine outfit idea, if nothing else, it makes you feel kinda good; dressed up going nowhere.

prettyneons said...

Shopped out, surely not...actually I can kind of believe that, so many high street stores have a ton of the same old stuff in...mainly 'vintage style' crap soooooo bored of it!

PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x

chloe said...

peacocks hm? i have to visit, haven't been for ages! thanks for the tip! xxx

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Ooh that M&S belt has caught my eye. I really shouldn't be spending anything at the mo cos I'm still bankrupt from NY!

BTW Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Yours is pretty spesh too x

prettyneons said...

oh thanks (: