13 May 2009

Trip, Spin, Clash!

Surface to air T-shirt
Hansel from basel socks
Perks and Mini
Bernhard Willhelm zebra print dress

Navaho tee
Lipsy abstract frock
Peter Jensen s/s '09
Nathan Jenden
modcloth space dress

Take a head trip, spin around and get dizzy on a haze of bright acid like and brilliantly bright, blinding colour's and OTT surface patterns from zebra, moons to Picasso style prints.
Try not to make sense of this psychedelic fashion vortex instead be daring and jump right in,splash and clash around.
Follow not fashion but rather the fierce fast flow of swirls, spin of circles and ride the raving rainbow of mayhem!
*Caution you may experience a severe headache*


Eeli said...

Now THIS is the sort of post I adore. COlours colours colours! And patterns OH MY! :O


Em x said...

WOW that Lipsy dress is fab!

$ouLphate said...

i agree with above my previous fellow bloggers hahah that lipsy dress is fab indeed, and gotta love all the clashing colours and patterns!

Cassiopeia said...

sigh. brilliant pics... love the surface to air tee!


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post, darling! Love these dresses, especially the zebra print!


Sassy said...

I want the zebra print dress so badly!

DaisyChain said...

Oh I love the zebra print dress a lot.

Winnie said...

Peter Jensen dress is fab! Definitely feeling a little spaced out now haha.

Lucy (The Fashion Setter) said...

nice choices! =)

prettyneons said...

cheers lucy ;)

vorega badalamenti said...

so gorgeous all of those thing there..
love the colour...

Andrea said...

I am oddly in love with that poncho/jacket/thingy.