10 May 2009


Topshop studded blazer (yep I'm still dreaming about this item)
ladyluckrules bandit mask necklace.
Stella McCartney Monster T-shirt
missselfridge Faux snake strappy shoes.

black and white rose print leggings (same as above).

Possibly the shortest post I've ever created, due to a dress and printed tee which I'm busy as a bee completing.
Worry not as I don't intend on writing dull as dishwater posts on a daily basis. All these items are currently stuck upon the inside of my wardrobe door, next to a poster of BRMC (yes, yes I remain a sucker for a rock & roll band poster's, thankfully I no longer collect stickers) and a small picture of a hand which I sketched.
Mmm symbolic perhaps? I want to get my hand's on all of the above including some BRMC tickets.

These fashion items are indeed on the dark side, well I did watch lost boys only last night followed by Twilight (don't allow the fact that this film is age 12 put you off, it's a brilliant flick). So similar to The Lost Boys, it's pretty much the 21st century version.
All that vampire action in only one evening, no wonder it's influencing my fashion taste buds: AAAAHHH quickly pull me out from this fierce dark side...


Em x said...

I love that monster tee!

Sassy said...

Thanx girl!

Oh, I want that bandit mask so badly, it might be one of the coolest necklaces I've ever seen!

Take care!

Sunniva said...

Hi sweetie, I'm back! Thank you so much for your lovely comments - you're really something :) I hope everything is well with you, and that you're having a great time with whatever you're doing at the moment :)

Loooove the Topshop studded blazer! I am so obsessed with blazers, I have waaay to many :p

Take care xoxoxo

Julia said...

I love the mask necklace, and the rose leggings are so beautiful!

Kat said...

thanks :)

i really adore the mask necklace!

DaisyChain said...

Those shoes, that tee, the necklace...dude.