25 May 2009

One Big Shock & My Wardrobe Playlist

Last week I wasn't feeling a 100% ( no, I don't have bird flu as suggested by comical pals) this week dosed up on a cocktail of not so marvelous nor effective med's washed down with glasses of water in the vain attempt to erase the revolting after taste from my poor tortured tongue (if my tongue and taste buds could divorce me, they would!). Due to my recent poor condition and general lack of energy (that no chocolate bar could alter), this little blog of mine been neglected, alas it's crying out for a much needed dose of fashion and an enormous injection of colour ,alright that may be a fib. Correction I'm crying out and longing for a much needed dose of all the above, whilst stranded in my pit, or indeed bed I was bought a fashion magazine; You know to flick away those minutes ( an average day drags on and on when your sick, stuck and set on 'pause').
photo: Vogue June issue.

Obviously as I was unable to fetch a magazine for myself, with the choice of publication not being mine I was handed over Vogue with the emphasis on H&M and her or his ( I've no clue of H&M's actual gender) brand new fashion side kick: Matthew Williamson. I won't begin to analyse or enter into the whole Matthew Williamson territory, after all the subject is too fashion familiar already been highlighted over and over again in Look/ Grazia/ Glamour/ Elle/ Mag slag/ Etc Etc...the latter are made up magazines and purely a figment of my imagination and strong sarcastic sense of humor.
Asides from the cardboard cut out zebra and tiger, nothing else in that Vogue 'Great summer Style' booklet filled me with much fashion delight. Wow can hardly contain my excitement, for what surprise does Vogue possibly have hidden up it's fashionable sleeve if its contents is anything like the summer booklet, not all that much I'm predicting?

Wrong. Seems Vogue has pulled up it's cashmere socks, or at least is beginning to make the effort with the dramatic, sparkling and stunning Show And Tell editorial photographed by Paolo Roversi. Sequins, glitter, gems, face paint and tassels it would be harsh of me to continue my hatred towards Vogue, a magazine I once adored and was fixated on. Before it morphed into a complete fashion bore some months ago, featuring the same models, same topics and the exact same editorials: which provides a rubbish spot the difference game. As there never was any difference or variation from the last issue of Vogue.

photos: Vogue June issue

Whilst away from prettyneons busy being ill, and re-discovering falling back in love with Vogue.
I've also been reading this marvelous book ( admittedly, it is now the tenth time I've fixated myself with the colourful chapters) explaining the relationship between music and fashion, a connection that is now all so blatant and obvious to us. However this theory was constructed some time ago, before the likes of psychedelic rock, punk and grunge and so on. In fact each chapter explains and predicts the future of music and fashion, concluding on how and why the two will 'use each other'. Amazing and yes I agree with you: I am on the little nerdy, dorky loser side.

The book makes perfect, perfect sense to me as my wardrobe is shaped by my music play list and my music play list shaped by fashion the two simply bleed into one another. I was bought up and fed on musical notes from the likes of Led Zep, the stones etc. Inspired and Attracted to threads which closely resemble those of rock & roll, psychedelic album covers/ art work/ posters and photographs.
This then would go some way to explain the index and contents of my eclectic, all over the place wardrobe, with such musical methods still applied. Example; my fantasy, electric wardrobe wish list as heavily influenced by empire of the sun ( a certain radio station keeps playing them to death, * sob their no longer my secret any more. Not that they really ever were in the first place, but hey). Out of curiosity, do any of you lot have a wardrobe playlist?

light show zig zag top from, modcloth
Henleys T-shirt
Motel fitted floral exposed zip skirt
C.neon from creaturesofcomfort

Miso lantern skirt from Republic

bright leopard print pouch bag from urbanoutfitters ( I'm one click away from snapping this up!).

neon leather lace up's from shopnastygal

beaded stripes bracelet from modcloth


Silje said...

Zebra, colourful make up, a tiger and flowers...I like it!=D

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Ouwh geez...i'm drooling of that long jumpsuit and colourfullleopard drawstring bag.
So sad that they're far out there,out of my country.

DaisyChain said...

I've fallen back in love with Vogue lately too.

I LOVE your fashion picks, as usual!

chloe said...

oooh, i'm in love with the jumpsuit, i'm surfing over there right now! kisses! xxx

Sophie said...

I want the bag, too cool! Hope you get all well soon, it's awful to be sick.

xo & chicken soup

Sunniva said...

Ohh I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill, sweetie! You're feeling better now, right? I hope so :)

And when you come to mention it, I think I do actually have a playlist wardrobe. When I listen to Jimi Hendrix, the Stones etc. I dress very laidback in t-shirts and headbands, when I listen to Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys etc. I dress slightly hipster with vintage jewellery and dresses, and when I listen to dance music before going out, I dress in sequins and heels. I actually never thought of this before so thank you for mentioning. Interesting!

Have a lovely Tuesday, my dear xoxo

prettyneons said...

Oh thanks guys!!!!! =)
PeAce & BoWs...
moi x

Andrea said...

Zebras, I love zebras. The zig-zag top and Miso skirt are delish!

Sophie said...

Hi again!
I'm giving you a sweet, little award so if you have the time, check my blog out for the rules to pass it down to other bloggers. ^-^


Annie said...

OMG that floral zip skirt! And that beaded bracelet is right up my alley..

Eeli said...

Oh jeepers hun hope you get better SOON. infact NOW would be good ;)

Believe it or not I have never read a Vogue before! Seemed like a mish mash of good and bad though? But aint everything :P

xoxoxoxo Eeli

prettyneons said...

Hi don't worry Eeli you've not been missing much!
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x

Sassy said...

You can raid my wardrobe if I can raid yours, I bet you have hell of a wardrobe :)

That zebra gave me cravings, I want to match it with my zebra leggings!

prettyneons said...

hey sassy, cool the wardrobe raid is on girly!!!!
PS...I dress like a confused Gothic/ grunge gran forward slash tacky ha ha!
prettyneons x