08 May 2009

Sprinkle Of Pepper

photos: pepperandpistol s/s '09

I'm still longing after PepperandPistol's spring summer '09 Babylon collection, when a collection is named Babylon it proves rather challenging to erase from moi's memory bank: Oh how the enormous hoop skirt remains, etched in my brain for all eternity.
Now I've done the foolish thing of paying a visit to their website, only to discover their circus inspired autumn winter collection, conundrum most certainly!

I've not seen such a wonderful fashion adaption on circus, since (the now almost 'vintage') Heatherette collection way back when my unhealthy and incurable addiction with sequins and ruffles began. However PepperandPistol's a/w pieces are definitely, definitely a fierce circus contender... Suppose when one half of the Pepper&Pistol due Katrin Wiens created textiles for the likes of Heatherette and Cavalli: the striking similarity shouldn't come as such a surprise.
Silvia Hillmann has a equal influential role in P&P'S designs, with a pretty impressive CV past employment being the erotic and extremely non conformist Boudicca label. This then would explain PepperandPistol's blatant and sharp Avant- garde edge.
Never less I remain both completely blown away and excited by the shimmering bright red 'tiger training' top and classic good old black and white 'circle dress'... As for the 'heart breakers' dress, wow! So playful, yet with a much stronger focus and emphasis on grace, refinement and femininity.

photos: PepperandPistol a/w '09

I feel compelled to jump through hoops of fire, and dance alongside pink elephants whilst balancing on sequin stilts: I must join the circus, at once!


DaisyChain said...

stop fuelling my lust!

DaisyChain said...

P.S. I had strangers on the street stop and ask about the bag today, dude, you have to start selling!

prettyneons said...

He he your making me blush...how much should I flog them for!? HA!
So glad you like it hun x

Couture Carrie said...

Ooooh I love all these dresses! What fabulous pics!


knalleffekt said...

cool. love the black/white dresses

$ouLphate said...

thanks for liking my blog! do visit more =) these are some really inspirational photos! and so many more on your blog!

Eeli said...

Thanks hun! It means alot to have your support. ANY support actually! lol but yours especially :) hehe

Loved the clown inspired Pepper and Pistol collection! I'm still day dreaming about it haha!

Hope you have an equally fab weekend too! Unfortunately I became sick on mine :(

xx Eeli

Eri said...

Very nice find! I love the dress on the ppicture before the last one. Is fabulous.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment.