09 March 2011

Play ball!

No,no peeps not actually kicking a ball around,no ways am I about to partake in five-a-side footie game down my local park.Just the thought of playing ball based sports makes me shudder, all those dark not very pleasant P.E memories from school come flooding back (I was always the kid picked last- and I liked it that way too, anything to avoid getting yet another ball kicked into my face...I had a lazy eye hence my delayed reaction during sport activities. Result I lost many teeth during those awkward years)you couldn't even pay me in Miu Miu shoes to score a goal!
When I say play ball I'm referring to the new fashion buzzword slash micro trend- baseball jackets which have invaded the catwalk and now our highstreet shops,so should the leather jacket be afraid, or is it simply a fashion false alarm which shall fade into oblivion like them short lived harem pants (seriously who's genius idea was that? Urrgh. Come own up smart arse)which briefly threatened to put leggings into an early grave.Thankfully them hideous harems have a-RIP'D and catwalked their way down to the depths of fashion hell,I digress.
With this ever changing weather and transition from winter to spring,I'm beginning to find my winter coat a tad suffocating and stuffy; breaking a sweat walking from a to b is not good nor collecting me any style points.Time to ditch the boring practical winter clothes, pronto!But is it really time to ditch the leather jacket too? Can I really bring myself to cheat on my trusty, faithful leather?Rejecting it to begin my love affair with the baseball jacket?The more I eye up THOSE Isabel Marant jackets (below), so I start to sway more and more towards the idea...sssshhh don't tell my leather jacket.Theres something attractive about Isabel Marants ugly silver tin foil (perfect for wrapping those microwave meals in) gunay brocade jacket in an 'I should really dislike this and be frowning,yet am not' sort of way.Yep I'm failing to understand my crush on it too!Lets just leave at, some things in life fail any explanation-this baseball jacket is indeed one of those.

images net-a-porter

Aahh what does it matter Isabel Marant is way out of my skinny budget anyways.However I refused to be defeated and in true spirit of sport continued to play on in my quest to track down some American high school cool baseball jackets (see below).Now who says I'm not the athletic sporty type!?


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