17 March 2011


Confession time folks,from time to time I'm guilty of tuning into some American teen trash TV, and yup your correct I indeed left my teen years quite a while ago (I'm 24yrs old-you do the math)seems though I failed to leave those teen TV habits behind.
Because I'm guilty of catching up on some sun drenched, super (Stilton) cheesy Californian cool 90210.There I said it.I embrace American glossy high school dramas, you know the really complex teen drama and dilemmas such as love triangles,riding a wave on the surf board, topping up the old tan,throwing mansion sized house parties and chilling out via posh coffee bars.All very serious heavy story lines I'm sure you'd agree?
I can hear you all thinking, 'whoa that's tragic.Really?She really tunes into that 90210 shit...why?'

images courtesy of gillian-zinser.net

board by prettyneons

Why,because of Gillian Zinser aka tomboyish,shy awkward surfer beach hippy chic Ivy Sullivan.Huge, huge, huge girl crush of mine and yup I'm partial to some Zinser serious style stalking. And why not? Heck have you seen her style. Wardrobe envy kicks in big time.The Zin'sta sure knows how to rock boohoo grunge, she even transforms maxi dresses from a dull drag of a dress to extra eff'in cool.Mixing the maxi with faded leathers,washed out denims,tough biker boots and a heavy dose of 'I really don't give a hoot about fashion' attitude.Gillian is one of them rare Gwen Stefani types, us the (gals)want to be her (well I sure do anyways!)and the guys want to be with her (sooo I'm guessing).Like the other G(wen.S) Gillian Zinser combines laid back, tomboyish dressed down style with contrasting details, not one to be afraid of combining slouchy vintage band T-shirts with delicate chiffon paisley maxi skirts,feather gilets,leather wrist bands,pretty pedant necklaces and lashings of suede tassels. Whatever you do don't dismiss Zinser's effortless style and categorize it under A.Chung, Zinser is the polar opposite. You won't see her jumping on every little micro trend that crops up:Gillian Zinser's take on style a hundred percent original it aint.Genuine and authentic it is, thus she's going to remain on my style- stalking- one- to- watch radar for quite sometime yet.If you too fancy ripping off a piece of Gillians style make your one stop shop Peacocks their range of T-shirts,skirts and denim has Zinser stamped all over it!
P.S..Now can you appreciate why I need my weekly fix of 90210?

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