04 March 2011

Wardrobe me

I've stuck to my pledge people's and today I deliver an outfit post as I promised you I'd try and do at least two style posts per week, though more often then not getting dressed is a rushed, panic sort of shambles affair.Diving head first into the wardrobe, eating breakfast and brushing my hair all at the same time whilst GMTV reminds me that I'm running late (I always switch on GMTV it has the most accurate time compared to my clock; which is an old wind up one so is prone to packing up, leading me to believe I have all the time in the world when in fact I'm bloody late!).
This morning was no exception I had a billion errands to run, the day kicked off with me tripping over my snare drum and my left(now sore) foot discovering a very sharp sewing needle on the floor *ouch*.My morning continued to unfold in such a shambolic manner, panic struck when I couldn't find any of my hats (...I can't function without a hat,my family and friends take the piss out of my affection for hats and reckon I can't resist striking a pose whenever I'm wearing my beloved red beanie hat.I suppose there may be some truth in that statement. I HEART HATS!Nobody loves hats more then me.No one).Then I recalled relocating my stash of beanie's giving them a new home in their very own special hat draw.What?Hats are my babies.HA!
Hat panic attack over,though the brief drama has left me with no time for attention to detail or any fuss about.So DP's pussy bow blouse,my beloved owl necklace and a speedy smudge of blackest black eye pencil it is!
Oh brilliant blogspot refuses to play ball and has decided to take forever to upload my post...can't wait to see what the rest of my day brings on. Hope you have a better weekend then me girls (and guys?).

Peace X



daisychain said...

I love the print on that blouse. And HELLLLOOOO gorgeous x

prettyneons said...

oh thanks hun , you've made me blush bless your cotton socks!
the blouse is from DP's bird print soz I'm not very good at getting all the details of my outfits ...i'm always rushing about so its often a real rushed job, but I' going to wear it again no doubt, so perhaps better pic next time!