03 March 2011

Purse Edit

Everyday I carry around a big heavy purse which weighs me down, clogged up with various crap such as bus pass,train tickets,Tesco receipts,library tickets,foil chewing gum wrappers, Boots point card and a neglected Subway voucher card,the random messy content of my ridiculously over sized purse drives me nuts.The purse is too god damn big and searching through its bulging insides is sooo time consuming, take today for instance all I wanted was some lose change so I could buy a smoothie on the way to work,could I find lose change?No.Resorting to a moment of 'shes off her rocket' mayhem in which I violently shook my purse and began shouting instructions to it,"oh for f-sakes would you just show me the change, where is that £3 tell me now, stupid , stupid purse!", people behind me looked alarmed and stood back as I continued to shout and shake the purse on the coffee bar.Oh the rage.
This cannot and will not happen ago I shall not have another purse break down in public as I have the ideal solution.Down size.

Yep its time for a purse edit. Funny isn't it how much fuss and attention wardrobes receive compared to the humble accessories in our life?We have a spring clean of our wardrobes, giving pre-loved garments seductive descriptions on ebay, in the hope that someone out there will desire that dress which never did your figure any faves and in the wardrobe edit process we make room for new fresh fashion items.Yet accessories (or at least my accessories) are over neglected lucky to see any updates, I hold on to daft purses, bags etc that are to put it bluntly impractical and just don't quite work for me. Yet I stick by their side with fierce loyalty for ages despite the fact the purse I carry round irritates me.Would my tolerant attitude be the same towards an unflattering frock, or uncomfortable pair of shoes?Hell no!So starting today for the first time I introduce an accessories edit.
Each couple of weeks I will begin to sort through my accessory collection and ditch items that sit around gathering dust or items that I use out of habit but dislike.
First up my stupid purse has gotta go, I'm adopting a new method in regards to choosing a purse, the smaller with less fiddly compartments and zippy bits the better.What I want is a purse which simply opens and shuts via a clasp,with space only for the minimum,yet doesn't cut back on style points...I'm swaying towards the beautiful Rachel Orme (above, top) red purse which has serious vintage appeal!



Cap'n NikNak said...

LOL!! I am sooo GLAD you are back online, Can I just say that I have really missed your fun, cute and unique style of blogging??!! Your posts make me smile, laugh and just generally happy lol
I know what you mean about hunting around for things and you just want to find it thats all but nope, nothing turns up! haha
I love ALL the purses here favourites would be the swallow/nautical one coz im a pirate ;) Love the red one though! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

prettyneons said...

awww niknak that is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said about this ickle blog, bless your socks.My hiatus was due to not having access to a computer so I had to wait it out and save for my laptop, i've really missed writing on here too. and when I read a comment like yours its just such a cool feeling.
thanks again hun <3

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