28 February 2011

On the cheap

Change to scheduled Kat Von D style steal post, see I've decided to brag about my bargain buys instead.What? It's been months since I tripped upon a vintage thrift treat, the charity shops in my local area have officially redeemed them rotten selves. Believe me inserting the word rotten isn't no harsh exaggeration, as one charity shop has not only vintage garments but a rather vintage odour that whifts around beneath the nose and dominates the air-urrgh p-e-g pleassse.I was uncertain whether to drag myself through that ordeal all over again after I failed last time leaving with only a nasty stubborn smell that refused to fade off my clothes and in my hair (vom)not exactly what I had in mind.After much should I, should I nots and reliving my last thrift nightmare I thought 'one more last time sod it.Be brave don't just take the easy option and opt for the nearest DP's' give it ago, get your thrift thinking hat on' so I adopted my own advice and did just that-am I mad?

One hour in why on earth did I swap today's highstreet shopping plans for charity shops again?No really please someone remind me?So far I've dragged myself around all the familiar charity shops, and picked up a glorious yellow pop art alarm clock which obviously I can't wear,or could I? Hmm what would Lady Ga Ga do?
Time for a break, oohh DP's is calling me I become distracted by a ditsy bird print blouse,red boat print dress, bright orange lace crop top and khaki military trousers (£5.00)...yes is in not either a skirt or dress wtf is wrong with me today?I only own two pairs of trousers and they are part of my work uniform!Did I really just bypass the boat dress, oh my days am I now really standing at the till waiting to purchase these trouser things (complete alien concept to me), Okay did I really just make trousers part of my wardrobe?Yikes I really did, didn't I? Two hours in to my failure of a shopping date,now regretting my random khaki military mistake I decide to make Sue Ryder
my last and final thrift stop of the day,(only because I was swayed by a fruit salad print tea pot in the window display and a set of sticks for my drum kit)before I head home no doubt shall be feeling very much deflated.
Wrong I exited the charity shop feeling smug and very much smitten with my Sue Ryder fashion goodies vintage shoulder bag-tick,floral tapestry needlepoint clutch/purse handmade by a granny somewhere-tick,cream chiffon mix Pussybow blouse-tick,charming feather necklace-tick.Tick, tick and tick again man I done good on the cheap (insert even more smuger face here), I have faith in thrifty fashion once again hoorays for that!


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