24 February 2011

Wood you? Yes I wood!

One of Angie Johnson's fringtastic chain necklaces has been on my wardrobe wish list now since oohh lets say FOREVER, maybe not the most practical choice of accessory for someone as accident prone as I am? What with all those glorious layers of swishing,swaying, swooshing dancing strands of multi-coloured fringe another "my scarf is trapped in the train door, ekk . Help!" will surely be a repeat episode if I were to opt for a Norwegian Wood item. However its a risk I'm willing to take and indeed put my life on the line for (bloody train doors)if it means I can get my fringing flick on then so be it.I can no longer deny myself a piece of wood I've had a weak spot for all things fringed since '09.Flirting with fringed bags, fringed leather skirts, fringed tops,fringed jewellery:pretty safe to say this is no fickle fashion phase unlike all the other fashion phases that I've fell in and out of love with faster than you can flick a fringed necklace at...hmm my fashion phases where to begin?'07 was my summer (and winter)of neon's and nudes,'08 was my six months of mono mayhem mocked by many who I know (mono will return yes a giant mono monster shall gate crash your a/w wardrobe this year)'09 was my space journey through the universe bypassing red giants, nebula's and vast milkyways via my even more vast collection of psychedelic space inspired print tee's by spring '09 I began gravitating towards fringing especially suede, fringed suede skirts which I collided and clashed with my futuristic space tee's(What? Flapper meets space cadet seemed like a brilliant idea?Come on I bet you tried it too? Didn't you, huh?Nope Okay just me then?)Convinced this was nothing except another phase in which I become fixated on and wear out until I can no longer tolerate the sight of anything remotely flapper-esque I made the very wrong decision not to invest in an Norwegian Wood statement fringed necklace. Did I mention this was a very wrong decision?
After much consideration and despite those near death experiences I discover myself in whenever I wear long layers of necklaces, I'm going to do it. I'm going to commit and at long, long, long last and God damn it get my frigging fringe on...err if this blog goes silent all of a sudden I've been trapped in a train door, or indeed bus door, either way doors shall mostly be involved if not a hundred percent guaranteed?

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