21 February 2011

My pal the palazzo

Phew after what feels like a whole century of pesky skin tight denim that is the skinny jean, the nightmare is over for there is at long, long last more trouser/ pant options available to us girls who don't fancy going down the Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse style route.Just take your pick what shall it be? Perhaps a sixties inspired denim flare?Polka dot culottes? Or my personal favourite and much preferred trouser the high-waisted p-p-palazzo not only is that quite fun to pronounce but the palazzo has the ability to take you from OKish ordinary to cool Riviera chic chick yes quite a transformation just in one little or rather super-wide big trouser. Who would have thought eh?The
pasta dish sounding trouser has such sophisticated qualities. Qualities that its harem and jean rivals cannot compete with-fact.Can a skinny jean swish, sway and offer that feminine flow of freedom in a way that the palazzo does so effortlessly?For those of us who are guilty of being attached to our faithful skirts and dresses (hands up, yep I am one of those girls!)the palazzo trouser isn't too much of an enormous style leap,plus one doesn't have to deal with denim nor sacrifice those familiar, pretty and soft patterned fabrics that us girlie girls are so fond of and have such affection towards-chiffon's,cottons, crepe, jersey, silks these darlings can still remain in your life without threatening those trusty summer dresses that vacate inside your wardrobe,the two may just become best buddies.
There is one minor glitch though.With such an abundance of palazzo's out there from polka dots,nautical stripes,Aztec triangles and ditsy florals its impossible to pick out the perfect palazzo isn't it?Well lucky for you not one to be put off by a challenge I've done my research (bit of a bitch that was-not browsing the many rails of highstreet shops), and narrowed down the best palazzo trousers out there...skinny jeans, harems and the rest you should all be afraid very afraid, for your time in the fashion spotlight is about to reach an abrupt ending.Ha!

images:look.co.uk,topshop,river island



daisychain said...

thank goodness your back! xox

Not quite beautiful said...

I need to get me a pair of high waisted flares. Their so flattering on any shape, which i like!