25 February 2011

Tough Whimsical Girl

I've been inspired by my friends blog posts to play wardrobe catch up and dedicate an hour (or two, or indeed three)to crack on and do some serious clothes shopping. I'm not the spontaneous shopper,I can't just go and hit h&m and randomly browse through rails buying whatever jumps out at me. Because I know that this method of shopping simply clogs up my wardrobe with items that are only destined for the fashion recycling bin that is e to the bay.I do envy those who can just dive straight in for a Primark basket and pile it up high.It's sad that I fail to function without the company of my lists,and I mean lists. Lists for everything,plan, plan,plan striving away for impossible perfection.It can become quite a migraine from time to time hence why often I go clothes shopping alone!Or of course get my click on and fire up the computer for online shopping, no need to play elbow wars then with fellow shoppers, which is definitely for me the big attraction with online shopping- you escape bruise free!No need to risk your life and limb, no need to tolerate standing underneath an armpit for a roof on the packed out train (yesterdays commute is still very much annoying me.Is it obvious?) instead you can sit down eat ginger cake and click-click way until your mouse actually begins to squeak from all the scrolling.

Whether I'm shopping on the highstreet or in cyberspace the reality is I still require two things before I get started a) big mood boards and b)lists with all the items I'm looking for grouped correctly together i.e bag options grouped together, dress options grouped together. There is a method to my compulsive madness it prevents from straying and spending money on crap I don't need such as yet more coloured/patterned tights and chiffon pleated skirts (that's another post altogether) thus leaving me with more change for cafes and coffee which admittedly I'm suppose to avoid but hell gotta live on the edge!I thought I'd stopped with all the rambling? Seems not.Ah yes so online shopping my list is complete after much research I've finally found a poor mans version of THEM Miu Miu platforms by Fearne Cotton for Very who's collections I always develop a crazy crush on, despite my default hatred for most celebrity 'fashion collections' Cottons clothes always have such brilliant little touches and details.Good example being the peter pan bead collar Toile de juoy print dress which just so happens to match a charming little teapot I own. Nice I can blend into the surroundings of my kitchen.Another Fearne dress I've added to my list is the tomboyish dungaree denim dress which reminds me of a very similar denim dress I lived in every summer down the local park getting dizzy on roundabouts and dripping ice cream on me ...don't worry I was four years old, it isn't recently.It's going to be a challenge opting for just the one Ferane Cotton frock. Hmm I'm swaying more towards the one that matches my teapot, I'm lurrrvin the whimsical design though whether that peter pan collar will do me any favours I'm not entirely convinced?I've had problems with 'em peter pan collars: peter can have them back me thinks?! Moving on and away from teapots, peter pan and all charming whimsical dresses, the other item on my shopping list is a fierce I'm talking Kat Von D fierce
pair of Iron Fist lace ups, contrast to the delicate, pretty Fearne frock I guess underneath this grown up twenty something exterior remains the inner twelve/thirteen year old emo-goth partial to heavy black khol pencils and skulls.Tough, whimsical girl?

images very.co.uk

So there you have it my Saturday is sorted I can't even recall the last time I had a Saturday all to myself?I'll probably swan around the house be vain and do a little outfit post tomorrow.Are any of you doing some Saturday clothes shopping? Do spill...


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