26 February 2011

Star gazing

As promised an outfit post, I feel I should have put more effort into my hair/make up and strike a stylish pose like all the cool kids do, except it's Saturday and I'm far too lazy to fuss about.So a dress and tight combo it is. With hair scoped back in a bun as in all honesty its due a wash! I went star gazing late last night (it's what I do when I'm not stalking fashion, stalking stars instead),and it seems to of had an instant domino effect on today's wardrobe choice.This dress is quite old probably vintage in fashion magazine terms?I picked it up from Primark many moons ago when I was a bake bean broke student it was in the dump bin near the till point I saw the star print peaking out from underneath a bunch of old Xmas novelty socks. Before I could grab the star dress my friend beat me to it and sarcastically told me "I'll get that for you that way when you go looking up at the night sky you can at least geek it up in true star style." So that's the little story behind this £2 dress, which I'm never ever saying goodbye to.Happy weekend my loves...mwa!


Helga! said...

Pretty girl,pretty star frock!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

You are so pretty! Love the hair thingy! xxx

Jojo said...


long time no speak. Hope everything's well with you?

Love the hair clip and I love the dress.

Love jojo

daisychain said...


2. Love this outfit

3. lets meet up and eat biscuits SOON


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Where have you been chick!! Glad you are back either way!

Such a cute dress and you look stunning

Speak soon :) Joanne xx

prettyneons said...

aww thanks all, i've been awaiting my laptop my pc died hence the silence but its great to see you all again!xXx