14 January 2009

Skip The Same Old , Same Old Style

Its taking some time to adjust to these glasses I tell you! The view through these specs aren't half as strong and 'HD' (I could of sworn my tv swapped itself with a HD set ... It never of course) as yesterday, bloody hell it was similar to some kind of psychedelic wizard of oz trip. What ever that is which I've just conjured up? I sometimes wish I would just give contact's the green light, I simply cannot bring myself to touch the creepy things yet alone insert one in my eye ball. It all steams from (I'm about to stray off here, I can sense it. Do stay with me I will make my way back around to the original point). One day two summers ago my friend was driving her 'punked up' mini (cute dinky car. Don't let this fool you, it has a Sid Sex Pistols attitude and yep it's forename was indeed 'Sid'). Driving along this middle of nowhere country dirt track road, with the Led Zep tunes up (while accidentally trespassing via a private lane) a very attractive (which he sure was. Think leonardo diCaprio combined with some stubble and small side burns:got it!) man began shooting his fake pistol up in the air. My pal slams her foot down, loses grip of her flip flop sandals and also loses slight control of 'Sid' we hit a big old country track bump (tree roots to be exact) and next thing I knew her eye was in my lap, well not eyeball but her contact's! Put off for life. Oh yes the farmer we both fancied came to our rescue and served us some potato salad and a very disgusting tasting beer.

Hey! I'm back with you on the original topic...There is a plus to these brand spanking new specs of mine it gives this wonderful illusion of the popular highstreet fashion items appearing far more interesting and more appealing then usual. (suppose it comes back down to the HD affect these glasses seem to some how posses?). Don't get me wrong I always use high street fashion outlets and often than not I am almost functioned to run straight home with my new 'average' purchase and whip out the sewing machine, buttons, bows and other bits and bobs and begin customizing. The reason being is because many a h&m, topshop, primark, perkins and new look (other mundane high street shops are available) seriously lack in the 'unique and individual' department. The results if you live in a small town like mine, you may just resemble a fashion magazine card board cut out, its a challenge being expressive when your limited to top shop...I really cannot see the appeal in top shop? Very rarely topper's may shock and take me by surprise with an garment in a daring colour way or style. Nine out of ten times though its dull and puts me on this downer with all its lazy, 'indie vintage':skip on by.

Photos From: Katie Crush.

Am I really the only one who is in the same 'I'll skip top shop' boat? When I'm designing, illustrating etc etc 24/7, I don't always feel like customizing a tee. It would be a welcomed novelty if I could effortlessly pick up a item and immediately show it off, without having to re-design, deconstruct and customize. To me and my sewing machines delight this may be the case no more, Katie Crush has arrived and saved our day (and precious time) Katie is cleaver and obviously noticed the lack of genius that sits on the high street stores display. So shes gone out of her way and created these exciting pieces, that include dresses, tee's and accessories with out a hint of high street! I adore how Katie uses her sewing machine as a form of drawing the stitch can be easily mistaken as print ,you have to look twice as it sure misleads the eye (with or without these glasses of mine). Katie is inventing both the term 'hand crafted' and 'Embroidery' one stitch at a time (couldn't resist that pun!)...I for one cannot wait to snap up a Katie Crush dress and pair it with some ultra girly and delicate accessories, for that added and unexpected twist!

Visit: www.myspace.com/killmywardrobe


Laroux said...

I think you're thinking of Shake Aways - over 200 flavours, my fave being their summer special, raspeberries and meringue nests! There's also Wai-Kika-Moo-Kou ... or something like that, it has a ridiculously spelt name buy yummy, yummy shakes!

Also, those Katie Crush stichings are mighty, mighty fine - so fun and so quirky!


She's Dressing Up said...

I was scared when I first read the bit about your friend's eye in your lap!!
I love putting contact lenses in, but I'm weird with my eyes!!

victoria.. said...

so quirky!

Andrea said...

That fox "fur" is so clever! You find the most interesting things.

Matthew Smith said...

haha...these are so great! very clever!