07 January 2009

I'll Bet All My Precious Pennies On Print.

Oh Conundrum would you leave me alone already? It seems I've been challenged with a high volume of you on/off and back on this week, I lack all intelligence when decision making and varied options begin to interfere. I've had my mind made up on exactly what treats I'm going to indulge in (with all my efforts and focus on saving up my few Xmas pennies... Generously donated from much adored relatives who lovingly placed the odd pound note tucked away in the crease of glittering, embellished Christmas cards).

As for the good last two or three months I've been convinced that a Tarina Tarantino naive fairy tale style hair accessory would be my online fashion worthy consumption (well I'd detest just throwing my money away. After all this is a very rare opportunity. Such opportunities probably not need be such a novelty if only I would cut down on the book allowance; My book shelf is already struggling to maintain its strength.( You just cannot fuel the mind with knowledge wearing pretty objects can you? This is how I justify such insane book buys!). Um... where was I? Purchasing a Tarina hair piece...So yeah as far back as October I'd even decided which hair accessories I was going to use my pennies on and parade around in, such pretty parading around involved two Tarina props (I say props as some of the designs are so delightfully show like and dramatic. Props sounds more suiting then simply 'accessory'. If this makes sense?). Prop a) Rich, bright red, yellow, orange, pink and purple blossom explosion hair slide, and b) tweed miniature side way top hat.I'm well aware of over reacting to what is a non-complicated situation ('poor girl my heart is bleeding over her post Xmas purchase issues').

Photos from: Tarina Tarantino.
See my problem occurred when I was casually and carelessly wasting time browsing and weaving the mouse icon in and out, round and round again in the magical whimsical (damn even relaxing) world of printsilike. From a past experience I knew printsilike can be a risky and seducing territory. For myself anyways. My tolerance level 'not to be sucked in and fall in love' I thought, would by now be at least a little higher than before;Wrong. If anything I've become worse! In the past when time has rapidly passed me by on printsilike I had the ability to edit down the items I liked and disliked, this time it wasn't the case...

Illustrations and Photos from;Printsilike s/s '09.
I place all blame on these inviting illustrations (ever so slightly too inviting character illustrations). I feel compelled to organize a road trip to their show studio and snap the whole entire collection up in one swift single swoop (however it was the odd pound note inside my Christmas cards. Not an array of various unlimited access platinum and black American express credit cards. There for a tight budget still has to be considered here). Just when I thought the seduction could not become further intense, I accidentally on purpose with all intentions peeped into the s/s '09 goodies; Bad move. A very awful move indeed, those garments are killing me and the flow of the cut...oh my. Just one printsilike dress could seriously extend the length of my body and as for the glamorous ruffled trim detail that wraps around the end of the flared sleeve's... Did I forget to mention the printed surface itself? How could I leave this design feature last? (do excuse me) these dresses are shear tropical -bird-paradise. Where did I place my passport? I have to experience wearing the purple one on a sunny gold soft touch sand beach covered with luscious palm trees. I could always take a stroll along Brighton beach? Though I'm very much doubting shades of grey and red large clumsy pebbles teamed with down pours of rain and 100mph gales would be capable to conjure up such a romantic and indeed tropical image? Highly unlikely right? Thought as much. Forgive me I really must sit down and god help me make a decision, any ideas and suggestions are much invited and appreciated. *HeLp!


DaisyChain said...

I should stop reading your blog. You just make me want stuff that I really can't afford/don't need!

prettyneons said...

Hehehe I can't afford it either...but its nice to dream isn't it? Hehe, sorry's!
Peace and Prints...

lu_luisa_lu said...

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I'm realy happy you liked it!
And we do sell it in UK

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