20 January 2009

Time For Tee

Cute Cat Tee From: Motelrocks.com

The tee or t-shirt never lets a girl down, always there for you hanging around in your wardrobe I have to say a lazy tee is one of my most beloved fashion items. Their just so ideal for days when your rushed off your feet and time is refusing to be your friend, what do you do? Grab a versatile tee, of course...
From top to bottom, Tattooers tee: Sass&Bide. Star tee: Select.
I don't know about you but the one key thing I seek when it comes to choosing a tee is a good strong and striking print, and whoa are there some striking tee's just about popping up every where. From pricey Sassandbide to purse friendly Select (hey don't mock it. Their design team are churning out some top design pieces). No matter what price tag your tee has make sure it rocks!
Horse Tee from: asos.com
So many tee's such little time I've had a quick snoop around here and there and narrowed down my top tee's, being the 'tee total' obsessed 'gal I am, I have to say this was both challenging and one hell of an enjoyable tee task. This magical and fantasy style horse tee from asos, instantly caught my eye. Oh how it shouts out 'wear me to the V festival' and I will don't you worry!
Lanvin tee from: brownsfashion.com

Lanvin lovely Lanvin your tee's always fill me with such joy. Look at you in all your hand painted, satin and embellished glory. The naive paint strokes of pink, greens, red and yellow bringing a much needed dose of summer into our chilly, harsh winter days. Come on Lanvin let me introduce to my close friend the wardrobe.

Circus tee from:Topshopboutique

Now this tee discovery really surprised me as its from a high street outlet I'm not too keen on (as you may well already know) Topshop could it be your yet to convert me? Surely not? I must say I do adore this muted down, circus illustrated print. Another plus is this Topper's tee is super over sized and has ultra long length, wear it as a dress and pile on those chunky accessories and your good to go ...Though you may want to opt for some extra thick ribbed tights it is a bit freezing coldy out there!


Krystal said...

love it, and love the day tripper xx

ana said...

love them

hace a lovely day :)

Bella said...

I love all of these!!!

Geat selection... (the unicorn) need them!

Eelie said...

Oh what a laugh fest that was. BEcketts much the saem he doesn't listen but i think calling him 'Pain in the ass' would warrant (and for very good reason) many stares and gossip lol.

Like this post. You're right a nicely fitted, comfotable tee is a never fail solution for thos mornings you find yourself less than inspired

Eelie xo

DaisyChain said...

now I am rather sad there is no select near me as I love that tee. To be honest I'd kinda forgotten they existed haha.

I'm not generally a t-shirt girl, but well, sometimes I can be swayed.