16 January 2009

My New Blue Friday Frock

Photo From: Oobyryn

This is a short selfish and pointless, pure indulgent kind of post, there is absolute no real purpose behind this topic. I simply have to express how very very badly I've longed and lusted after this fabulous blue frock, its simplistic taste (for me anyways). This tone of blue is nothing but divine and oozes uber confidence, and the ruffle adds this sexy twist...If only I could slip myself into this number I feel it may totally transform my life in one second, this is perhaps too dramatic. Its just a dress for heaven sakes isn't it? Correction: Its my blue super power frock which needs me as much as I need it, you understand?There for would it be justified if I were to say, purchase her (I'm completely positive all us 'gals, attach a gender onto their beloved fashion fancy. Do we not?). Yep me too, I agree with your collective feedback that reveals a fat, shiny YES! Here it goes... one click away...damn I done it, my idea to own this Oobyryn has finally materialised after such a long period of simply admiring it from a far. Its mine all mine HAHA, oh the power of online shopping! Um could some kind and generous soul lend me some money for food? As I'm sure enough with out for the next month and possibly the following late March/ early April too...Oops Oobyryn please do not let me down, not now we've come this far.
PS The food issue (or lack of) is fine I resolved the problem, and discovered some whole grain garlic crackers 'tis all good.



Demi said...

thank you honey :)
love that dress!

Doll legs said...

Heeeyyy,love your blog!!thank you for let me discover it by stopping by mine (did i explain myself right,im not sure about my english grammar yet jejej).So you're welcome again in my blog,and your gonna be in my list too!!xoxox

Eelie said...

whole grain? AND garlic? love the taste of both. Daresay you won't get bored of eating that for a whole month or so ^_^

Can totally relate to this feeling. Currently lusting over come Christian Lacroix creations. Sucks mega. That dress is beautiful in all its ruffle goodness.

Couture Carrie said...

That dress rocks!!


DaisyChain said...

That dress, that dressssss. Amazing.

Send me those crackers, or tell me where to buy them. I am a cracker fiend.

victoria.. said...

ii love the dress

Sunniva said...

I'm so happy to hear you've bought yourself that gorgeous dress! I am all for giving ourselves things we really, really want once in while. You deserve it, dear, and I'm sure you'll look amazing in it! Hope your weekend was great xoxo