13 January 2009

Lick It Just For Fun

Whoa electric...are the two very descriptive words that shot to my head soon as I saw this striking and fierce catsuit, though also Juliette And The Licks also appeared somewhere under my descriptive (and often jumbled) word bank. Today I was having a conversation on this little (or not so small) blog'sta universe, when the subject of 'fashion/ style' icon/ idol was unexpectedly bought up (I'm abusing the lazy forward slashes today. Do excuse me I've got new glasses and lens: Its taking some time adapting to them, there for this post shall be lacking in sentences and paragraphs today!).

My response to this popular topic was something along the following lines of, "Well I don't really seem to have a style icon or idol at least not one I'm consciously aware of?'. This non confident answer of mine wasn't thrown out there to sound as if I'm some how unaffected by anyone else' s fashion tastes, because I'm way too above anyone and everyone with a slight 'celebrity' status and ultimately playing the 'cool as can be' card... No no. I've never really gave it much thought until earlier when I switched off the PC and continued with my illustrations, and its then when I was deep in creative thought that I reached a theory. The same as any creative creature you do source and take continue inspiration 'mental notes' now this obviously can be absolutely anything from a cake to a chimney pot. There for the same must be applied to ones personal style surely so?
So I went to the efforts of digging out all my various scrap books, diary's and theme boards as well as taking a note and thinking hard about what used to be upon my bedroom wall as a teenager and also what is proudly displayed here and there on just one of my walls today. I too simply felt compelled to narrow down and investigate my unsuspected wardrobe in the attempt of reaching some style/ fashion icon conclusion. Dose not matter too much if my research is not mathematically and a 100% style scientifically correct: Why even go to such extreme lengths? Its always grated on me a little the whole style icon/idol as I often wanted to join in on such debate and topical thread's conversation. Only I felt I was almost paralyzed unable to speak up because I'm baffled by my own expressive style, who the hell, what the hell, where the hell did I conjure up this day to day dress up and play costume like style from? Where? My older sisters? A favorite film? Where? "Sorry guys can we change the subject and swiftly move on, thanks."

No longer does this topic fill me with fear and make me feel all awkward as the answer was in front of me all this time, Juliette and old school No Doubt Gwen shaped and influenced my mix up of threads and quirky, colourful fashion palette. A palette that now also consists of Just4fun

an design label with a love for small production and attention to detail abstract, wild and disco dancing prints. Which is just fine by me. All of just4fun catsuits, leggings, tights, dresses and bandannas are of limited edition, which I'm afraid means you have to make your purchase decision very rapidly and besides JATL front woman may also want the same ensemble as you!

All Photos From; Just4fun



DaisyChain said...

ohh fuck you and your amazing taste. you make me want what I really shouldn't!
my tee is from newlook, and was only £12, and therefore when you are fit to shop you should buy it.
I think I shall wear tartan to college tomorrow,
if I can find something clean haha.

Our heating is fixed now (and the edge of my wardrobe melted from the fan heater I was using, shh!)

Athena. said...

ADORE the textures/pattern/colours :)

Eelie said...

Questions like those are always a toughy. I'm guilty of exacting the same responce and know full well that the perceptions never fail to be one i'm displeased with. Nevertheless I've always admired Juliette. Trust you to pick her as a kick-ass styl influence!

Andrea said...

I love those patterns! Very fun. And to answer your question, no, I haven't been screwed over by the fashion industry. I am very much interested in fashion, but not as a career. I wanted to go into acting but never had the guts to pursue it.

noelle chantal said...

wow beautiful patterns! pretty fun and exciting to wear! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love these catsuits!!!


Mel Carrey said...

These are so wicked!