21 January 2009

Canvas Be Calling Me!

Art in the making by: Prettyneons.

I have some good or bad news all depends if you enjoy reading my little blog'sta or not really...I shall be leaving this second home of mine 'Prettyneons', only for three tiny days my fellow fashion and snazzy style blog buddies! Its just the canvas has-a-been calling me, and though I do constantly draw my days away on a daily basis. This piece in the making which I've been also very busy whizzy with is further demanding my attention (sometimes it goes like that) and as your probably well aware of by now. I take my drawing and splashing of paints also very seriously: put it this way its up there with my diary, drums and breathing in oxygen all important and vital priorities I'm sure you'd agree? I will be sharpening my various graded pencils, wearing my eraser out (yep I don't use photo shop, I'm an old fashion sort of 'creative'. Though my non use of graphics, I'm discovering makes me an art world misfit indeed!Hey ho never mind huh?).So as well as shifting my way through numerous pencils, I shall probably be selecting some tunes (background music always a powerful tool, I find) doing the odd bit of swearing and 'fury scribbling' when nothing is flowing and going the way it should and how I envisioned. Out comes my guitar when this sort of frustration occurs! I'm also predicting some long late nights ahead of me gripping the pencil in my hand when inspiration strikes me at midnight (why is that...ponder ponder?) pour out the coffee. But do not fear my extremely expressive fashion lovelies, I've left you in the company of some frigging mighty nice frock's (all of which I want to wear) just for the mean time...The sight of the gorgeous PPQ dress left me green with envy (oh the jokes just crack me up!?) as for the Supersocail navy, chiffon flutter number well this made my eye's sparkle and twitch...only slightly, and not at the same time.

Dress from:PPQ.

Navy Chiffon Dress:Supersocail.

Last but not least this Bellasauvage sexy hot printed leather dress (yep that's right leather: now wheres my motorbike?)... Fierce Leather Frock:Bellasauvage

So here we must part for a little while time flys pass fast, and I will be back with random sketches of stylish guys and girls complete with my daft short musings of the day's journeys and over heard conversations, I'm sure. Of course I'll have plenty of fashion designer gushing's and admiring to type. sparks and flames flying out of my over abused and battered keyboard. Bye Bye for now....Peace & Bows Prettyneons x MwWwWwWA!
*PS I will genuinley miss and indeed feel the void of reading all your brilliant blog's these coming days :(


Andrea said...

Love the eyes on your work in progress! That green dress is HAWT.

DaisyChain said...

you shall be missed.

electric feel said...

i love the leather arty dress

Winnie said...

Can't wait to see the outcome of that painting.

THAT dress is leather? Wow.

victoria.. said...

i love the artsy-esque dress.

Muualla said...

Sounds like a mighty good plan. Should probably do so myself sometime. I loooove the leather dress(well, if it were any other material than dead animal)!

Wana said...

love all the dresses!!

DaisyChain said...

come back damn you.

Merily said...

Beautiful dresses.