15 September 2010

Bespoke LBD oh yes please!

We all love a classic, sexy and sophisticated LBD don't we ladies? Often finding that dreamy little black dress can be challenging at best. Some LBD's are too safe, and others too neutral, too clone like too I've seen it all before.Yawn.
Now what with the party season fast approaching (is it too early to be feeling all festive?)my mind is racing with this thought 'what to wear?' on repeat. Okays so it shall most probably be an LBD for the works Xmas party. Only the LBD I have envisioned doesn't exist. Or at least it didn't until a stylish little birdy gave me a tip off.Today I'm feeling all generous, so as an early Christmas gift from moi to you,listen up I have some super exciting news for you, which could ...no wait will solve all your LBDD's (little black dress drama's).

BrandAlley and Fashion Enter have teamed up with fresh,new exciting up and coming fashion designers to launch their 'Little Black Dress' collection.Inspired by 'Breakfast at Tiffany's',budding future Westwood's and Deacon's have been hard at work dedicated to bring us a fierce collection of not one but ten LBD's all with an individual design twist.From Batmobile to Lace Noir,this collection of LBD's are from dull or neutral,and as if this wasn't exciting enough all you BrandAlley fans can also click and purchase a unique bespoke LBD.And with prices starting at just £60 it would be rude not to press 'buy'. Plus the odds of you and your fellow colleagues arriving at that Christmas party wearing the dreaded identical dress are pretty slim.Decision making time:which LBD will you be opting for?
Me? I'm speeding away with the Batmobile.Contemporary-check, sculptured-check,modern-check.To die for?Hell yes!This LBD frock would make Audrey Hepburn blush.


Jojo said...

Why do this to meeeeee???? It's like torture. I love the simplicity but style a LBD gives. Roll on Xmas parties.

Loves ya
Jojo xx

prettyneons said...

hahaha sorry Jojo, my purse is going to suffer as well if that helps?
I need the Bat one damn it!